Ludwig Wittgenstein once said that “The human body is the best picture of the human soul.” He insisted on the fact that a healthy and fit body will display the state of the soul it resides in. Modern lifestyle keeps us busy at all times and so much tasks in hand regarding schooling, jobs and family matters drain out all our energy.
At times when we are surrounded by such pressures, an effective tool which can look after our health, both mentally and physically is relaxation. Art of yoga gets you a correct way of enjoying relaxation. It may be difficult to find time or while you are trying to calm down, it may happen that your mind starts wandering on various things that have to be done. But it’s worth noting that our stress hormones are reduced during meditation, yoga or other physical exercises. So let’s see what you can do every day to have a healthy body and mind for a better life.
• Breathing
Long breaths calm down the restless nervous system and bring us back to living. It is advised in panic attack cases till the medical help arrives and is also highly recommended by yoga sutra.
• Concentrating
At times we like to sit alone in a corner with a warm cup of coffee to have some personal time. It is okay sometimes but it may give more space to think about a lot about the current situations. Remember what they say ‘it’s all in the mind ‘and by doing this, you tend to worsen the situation. What’s best is to do the opposite and run or practice a challenging asana. This will help you drain out all the stress and negative energy in your mind and body.
• Replace what’s negative
Many surveys and experiments have proved that there’s nothing more harmful for a person than a negative thought in his mind. So next time when you feel surrounded by cynicism, try to do something cheerful; like talking to a close friend or getting lost in the world of great books.
• Laughter- the best medicine!
Laughter keeps the heart healthy and is helpful to relieve some physical symptoms generated by stress. It releases a hormone called endorphin which is a natural painkiller. Feeling of self-worth, self-confidence, optimism, and a positive state of mind are created by endorphin. It also stimulates the felling of forgiveness.
• Yoga
Yoga is a combination of deep breathing and pose that involves both stationary and moving poses. Yoga helps t develop flexibility, stamina, strength and balance along with reducing stress and anxiety. When brought into daily practice, the response of the body can be strengthen. For beginners, Hatha yoga is advisable as it is reasonably gentle and helpful in relieving stress as well. While selecting any yoga classes, search for labels similar to ‘for stress relief’, ‘gentle’, ‘for beginners,’ etc.