Pharma Third Party Manufacturer in India with GMP & ISO certified

Pharmasynth is a renowned as a pharma third party manufacting company in India having over 25 Years of experience.  We are manufacturing high quality generic medicines which have been very much acknowledged by the medical fraternity for their steady quality, safe consumption, effectiveness, and packaging.
Since 1984, Pharmasynth formulation Limited has a strong manufacturing base in Delhi and  Haridwar. Over a period of more than 25 years, Pharmasynth has got a prime place amongst the top pharma third-party manufacturers in India.

What is a third party manufacturing?

A third party manufacturing is also known as contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO). It means that outsourcing of products or to get manufactured one’s brand name from another manufacturing unit out. It is a very effective concept that’s why most multinational companies switching towards this process. If you are interested to invest in pharma sector then this is an easy way to start your own business with low investment.
When a firm or a company enters into the third party manufacturer agreement than that company will manufacture the product of first company on behalf of its drug license. This is known as third party manufacturing.

How to use pharma franchise in India?

It is quite easy to get third party manufacturing service. You just need to follow the below procedure to start this process.

  • To begin with, select the brand name you want to get manufactured and then contact Pharmasynth which is a renowned pharma third party manufacturer in India.
  • Pharmasynth will ask you to send affidavit and other details such as a license for drugs. These documents will assure the authenticity of your brand name to the company.
  • After the above procedure, you just select the best quality packing material.
  • After that, deposit the initial advance to Pharmasynth.
  • Pharmasynth will book your product and you are done with this whole process.

What are the requirements to get third party Manufacturing Service in India?

To get third party manufacturing services from a well-known company in India (Pharmasynth) you just need below-mentioned documents.

  1. Company profile.
  2. Address proof.
  3. Drug License number
  4. Tax identification number.
  5. Brand name non-resemblance affidavit
  6. Agreement for manufacturing
  7. Packing material printer

Benefits of hiring Pharmasynth for third party manufacturing in India?

  • Any individual can start your own pharmaceutical company without investing in a manufacturing unit.
  • When you make an agreement with a third-party manufacturer company in India you don’t need to spend money on purchasing machines and buying land for the manufacturing plant.
  • By hiring a minimum professional anyone can run a company in a smooth way. Because you don’t need to hire from a manufacturing unit.
  • It will save your efforts in taking care of production. So you can totally focus on your business.
  • With the help of QA professionals, you will check the quality of products in a regular interval and also you can maintain your manufacturing process.
  • It saves your time and money moreover reduces your efforts.
  • You just focus on how to categories products to your business as per your needs without investing much for manufacturing.

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