What are generic medicines?

Now generic medicines have turned out to be increasingly significant. Each solution that has been composed with a generic, you will get a similar medicine as a brand, with similar quality and same outcomes and cost will be much lower.

Meaning of a term generic medicines and what actually it contains?

Generic medicine contains similar active ingredients having a similar quality as that of branded drugs. At the point when a medicine firstly develops, the pharmaceutical organization finds and markets it gets a patent on its new medicine.
These medicines are similar to branded drugs which have exactly the same dose, intended use, impacts, and symptoms, course of organization, risks, safety, and quality as that of the original drugs.

Are Generic medicines as good as branded medicines?

Generic pharmaceutical makers must prove to the FDA that their version of medicine must contain the following requirements:

  • Must contain similar dynamic ingredients.
  • Ought to be identical in strength, dose form, and course of organization has similar signs, dosing, and labeling.
  • Gives a similar efficiency and safety profile to patients.

What is the need for generic medicine?

Generic medicines are crucial because they are available at reasonable rates in the market as compared with branded medicines. Whether you can’t continue your medications because you can’t afford branded medicines, that’s not going to do a lot to further your health.
The US Food and Drug Administration argues that the generics medicines generally cost 80-85% less as compared to their branded medicines equivalents.
FDA defines that, generic medicine is created to be the same as an existing approved branded drug in dosage form, safety, strength, course of administration, quality, and performance characteristics.
Generic equivalents give patients access to life-saving medications.

What is the advantage of generic medicines?

  • The main advantage of manufacturing generic medicines is that it offers an economic advantage by enhancing competition and declining rates. Thus, they are useful in universalizing access to medicines.
  • Another benefit is that it provides an indirect stimulus for innovation by both real brand manufacturer as well by the generic manufacturers.
  • Generics medicines may also have a good impact on medication adherence, especially in the case of poorer patients.

What is different between medicine and generic medicine?

Medicine and generic medicine have no difference if you see in the composition of a chemical formula. The one difference is the name of the brand. A generic medicine is formed by the composition of a chemical formula only while medicine has a chemical formula with the brand.

Why Pharmasynth is best in producing generic medicines?

  • Pharmasynth has more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing generic medicines.
  • Pharmasynth awarded many times because they are manufacturing high-quality generic medicines.
  • It also provides the service of a third party manufacturer in India through which any individual who is interested to invest in pharma business can start their own business with a low investment.
  • Pharmasynth is producing different ranges of generic medicines like ethical range, patriotic range and hospital range which this community different from others.

Pharmasynth is manufacturing generic drugs on behalf of three different ranges which are as follows:-

Ethical Range –
 Pharmasynth always delivers high-quality medicines which are safe to consume. This range contains 60 generic products of different categories. This includes capsules, tablets, syrups, powder, cream, ointments, drops, etc. all related to healthcare. The products come under the ethical range category listed below:-

  • Anocream
  • Calcila Syrup and Tablets
  • Cefdee – 100 DT, 200 DT, and Dry Syrup
  • Cifigold – 100 DT, 200 DT, and Dry Syrup
  • Cifigold inj.  – 375, 750. 1.5
  • Gyno Cream and Tablets
  • Lactobion Forte and Lactobion Forte Powder
  • Livobion Syrups, Capsules & Drops and more.

See the list of ethical rage products.

Ethical Range

Patriotic Range –

Pharmasynth is also manufacturing patriotic range products. This range of generic medicine contains 6 products which are listed below:-

  • AC-1 Tablets
  • DP-1 Tablets
  • LB-1 Tablets
  • LCT-1 Tablets
  • OM-1 Tablets
  • AC – PC Tablets

Patriotic Range

Hospital Range –

Pharmasynth also producing generic medicines which are mainly used in hospitals. Hospital range contains 5 products which are as follows:-

  • ISO – Spirit
  • Septiclean
  • Royal Enema (Formula – A)
  • Royal Enema (Formula – B)
  • Mixiderm

Hospital Range