7 Food Items to boost your immunity against coronavirus

Protect yourself from attack of deadly viruses while you shield yourself starting right from the inside of your body i.e by following a healthy routine in order to strengthen your immune system. The immune system is responsible for protecting the body from bacteria and viruses and amidst this COVID-19 pandemic, it becomes very important to keep the immune system in good shape as there is no better defense against coronavirus than to have a healthy immune system.

Also,the food that you eat plays a key role in determining your overall health and immunity. Poor nutrition results in increased infections, slow healing and increased vulnerability to various symptoms. Including certain food items in your diet can be really helpful in fending off deadly viruses like COVID-19 and others. So here is a list of 7 food items to boost your immunity against coronavirus.


Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and grapefruits are all high in Vitamin C and help boost the immunity. These Vitamin C rich fruits help in increasing the production of white blood cells that play a major role in fighting off the attack by any infections or viruses. Add these fruits to your diet for an additional nutritive value and keep up your immune system. 


Turmeric has been used in India for thousands of years as a spice and medicinal herb. It includes a main ingredient known as curcumin which is a very strong antioxidant. This kitchen staple is a must have for strengthening your overall health. Also the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric helps in boosting the immune system. 


Ginger from your kitchen can go a long way in keeping infections under control. Its excellent anti- inflammatory properties and antioxidant effects help in maintaining a healthy gut. Gingerol, the main bioactive compound present in ginger makes for a perfect immunity booster. 


Spinach is not only rich in Vitamin C and iron but is also high in nutrients like Beta Carotene. These nutrients support the infection fighting ability of the immune system and are also essential for fresh blood production. Raw spinach is also rich in potassium which is again an immunity booster.It is advisable to cook the spinach as little as possible so that the nutritive value is not lost completely.


Red bell peppers are rich in Vitamin C. One medium sized bell pepper can provide 169% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) of Vitamin C which makes it one of the richest sources of this essential nutrient. As Vitamin C is essential for boosting your immune system, red bell peppers make an excellent addition to include in your diet.


Sunflower seeds are well known for its high nutritional value and health benefits. It includes nutrients like Vitamin E and Selenium which plays a vital role in increasing your body’s ability to fight off viruses. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which is beneficial for the immune system.The best part about sunflower seeds is that apart from providing various health benefits it also enhances the flavor of the food.


Yogurt is a popular dairy product which directly affects the gut, helping the good bacteria to thrive. It is packed with minerals like magnesium, selenium and zinc that plays a vital role in improving immune health. Consuming yogurt on a daily basis helps strengthen your immune system. However it is advisable not to consume from a variety of flavourful yogurts available in the market. 

If at all you feel that your daily diet is not able to meet your nutrition requirements,then consider including natural immunity boosters in your diet. As in the wake of the current situation of the pandemic,it is the need of the hour to give a quick boost to your immunity system. 

  • Tea Ammrit is one such herbal tonic that helps in protecting you from attack by harmful infections. It is a combination of best quality medicinal herbs like – Tulsi, Dalchini, Sonth and Kali Mirch and is fortified with the goodness of Mulethi and Bhui Amla that help in increasing the body’s ability to fight against infections such as Coronavirus.
  • Multi Ammrit can be considered as yet another go to supplement that you can include in your diet to keep up your immunity levels. It is a combination of 7 essential vitamins and 8 minerals with Ginseng and Lysine processed in good quality excipients. It bolsters the immune system and increases the inner strength of the body to fight bacterial and viral infections.

The immune system is the body’s natural defence system and the deficiency of essential vitamins and nutrients can result in depletion of immune cells thereby making the body incapable of producing antibodies. When the immune system is functioning properly, the defense system keeps the health problems ranging from common cold to coronavirus at bay. 

Eating right is a great start to improving your immune system as there is no magic pill that can protect you from coronavirus and don’t forget that immune system warriors need good,regular and the best when it comes to nourishment. So consider including the aforementioned food items in your daily diet and make your immune system as strong as possible during this coronavirus outbreak.

Tips to take care of your lungs during winters

After a scorching summer and an enervating monsoon, winters have set in. The nights are usually longer, colder, and do not bode well for many people. Harsh weather conditions tend to rapidly flare-up the symptoms thereby making you more prone to illnesses. The frigid and cold weather conditions have the tendency to severely impact your respiratory health and for those with Chronic Lung Disease, it can spell the problems further. Also, cold and dry wind can lead to wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath thereby giving a tough time to people with respiratory diseases. While no one has control over the weather conditions, the least you can do is to bring down its impact on your respiratory health. Take good care of your lungs during winters by staying ahead and keeping the following tips in mind:

Tips for Outdoors

  • Check the temperature before you step out. If it’s frigid cold outside and you’re not feeling well too or you’re having any type of breathing problem, then you should try to stay indoors and keep yourself warm.
  • If you are asthmatic or have COPD, you can use an inhaler for half an hour before going outside or carry it with you (follow doctor’s recommendations).
  • Wrap a soft scarf around your nose and mouth area in order to humidify the air before it makes its way to your lungs. Breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth, this will help warm the air before it gets to the lower airways.
  • Make sure your layering game is strong enough to trap the warm air next to your body and also do not forget to wear a hat.
  • In order to reduce any uneasiness in your lungs, make sure you drink a glass of lukewarm water when returning indoors.
  • Most importantly, avoid exercising outdoors in harsh weather conditions.

Tips for Indoors

  • Heat your home and do not forget to keep your bedroom window closed at night.
  • Refrain the use of a wood-burning fireplace or stove as the smoke and fumes from it can give a hard time to the lungs by causing irritation or any other problems.
  • It is advisable to change or clean your furnace air filter as this helps to improve the air quality in the surroundings.
  • Prefer the consumption of hot drinks and meals over other food items. Also, ensure that you are eating regularly as it helps keep your energy levels up during the winters.

Tips to prevent infections (Colds & Flu)

In the event that you have Chronic Lung Disease or any respiratory issues, your immune system is already in a compromised state, and hence you’re more likely to catch a cold or flu or an infection, which can make your symptoms or health condition even worse. Have a glance at some of the top ways in which you can protect yourself from contracting infections:

  • Immunization is the best protection against catching any sort of infection. Also, people with COPD and asthma should consider getting a shot in advance.
  • Avoid any sort of touch or contact with sick people.
  • Avoid going to crowded places when the cold and flu season is at its peak i.e Winters.
  • Make a habit to wash your hands thoroughly with hand wash and carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer for times you’re unable to wash your hands.
  • Keep your surroundings always neat and clean in order to fight germs. For cleaning purposes, you can use a regular household disinfectant to wash the common surfaces on a daily basis. 
  • It is advisable to get enough rest, take a proper diet, and keep your stress levels always under control as the healthier you are, the less likely you are to catch any infection, or in the worst case, even if you do you’ll have a faster recovery.

Generally, cold weather conditions have the tendency to trigger a sudden outburst of cold, cough, and flu symptoms thereby making you more vulnerable to illnesses. Besides infections, these severe weather conditions can cause physiological stress on anyone, and also if you have any heart or respiratory disease then cold temperatures can be even more dangerous and life threatening. But there are things that can be done to take care of your lungs this winter. The above discussed easy to follow tips can help you stay healthy by keeping all the infections at bay.

Tips to Eat Mindfully while Working from Home during COVID-19 pandemic

Due to the current situation of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we all are spending more time at home. For many people, this brings up a whole lot of responsibility that includes taking care of family, working from home, and most importantly practicing mindful eating. People with different health ailments need to take extra precautions in order to stay healthy. 

This new way of living has come along with a myriad of challenges from easy access to your fridge and kitchen on one hand to very less physical activity on the other hand while working from home. If you too are working from home, then follow the tips discussed below and practice mindful eating while sticking to your healthy eating habits and supporting your health.

Tips to Eat Mindfully while Working from Home during COVID-19 pandemic

1.   Assess your hunger level

Assessing your hunger level and making sure that you eat only when you are hungry and not when you are bored or any other type of mindless eating is one of the foremost things that you need to practice.

2.   Keep healthy snacks on hand

By healthy snacks, we mean fruits and vegetables. Keep them in stock with you as it is very simple and easy to be tempted to pick up and munch on the non-perishable snacks that are quite unhealthy. For example, you can choose to eat fruits and vegetables like apples, oranges, carrots, etc. that have a longer shelf, and also you can consider eating the more perishable produce items such as berries before.

3.   Keep up with meal planning

Now that most of you will be working from home, it is quite certain that our routines will be quite different. As you slowly adapt to the new normal, it is advisable that you start planning your meals. Meal planning plays a crucial role in supporting healthy eating and will also help you in controlling your hunger and unwanted cravings.

4.   Keep food out of your work area

Food is the fuel for our body and gives individuals the energy to do work and perform various daily activities. But, at times, individuals tend to binge eat or resort to mindless eating which is not good for their health. Wondering, how to deal with stress eating or your intense food cravings? Often, food cravings lead to mindless eating, and controlling them is very essential. In order to reduce the temptation to munch, it is highly recommended to keep food out of your workspace as at times, just looking at the food can cause cravings. Therefore, be mindful of whenever you eat while working as eating while working leaves you less satisfied and craving for more food.

5.   Acknowledge your emotions and reflect on your type of hunger accordingly

We know it’s a tough task, but it is important that you acknowledge your emotions and reflect on the type of hunger accordingly. Next time you open your fridge or find yourself in the kitchen, ask yourself what brings you there? Is it the hunger pangs (empty rumbling stomach), heart hunger or is it your cravings that brings you here in the kitchen? Whatever hunger it is, ensure that you assess your hunger type, take a minute to decide if you want to eat or not, or else maybe you could just skip the idea of noshing and go out and take some fresh air, meditate, read a book, talk to a friend or anything that brings you joy and helps elevate your mood. 

6.   Stay hydrated

It is important that you stay hydrated as water is required for performing various functions in your body like fighting fatigue, flushing out waste and toxins, carrying nutrients to different parts of the body, and much more. Drinking adequate quantities of water helps you feel full while you are working from home, hence it is advisable to keep water with you throughout the day as this acts as a reminder for you to keep drinking it at regular intervals.

The work from home culture might be temporary or more long-term but taking one day at a time and making the best choices for yourselves is the only way that you can resort to in order to manage your lifestyle as only this will also help you to stay on the top of your healthy eating goals too.

5 Ways to Stay Fit & Healthy during Winters

During the winter season, almost all diseases/illnesses tend to make your body their home. The biggest reason behind this is the improper functioning of your immune system owing to the low humidity level during the colder months, thus making it easier for the viruses to proliferate.

Most people prefer staying indoors with closed doors and windows in order to protect themselves from the harsh weather conditions outside. By doing so, they allow various disease-causing microorganisms to multiply easily, and if once you are affected by a disorder like the flu, low energy levels, body aches, and other health problems follow suit. Therefore, it is advisable to take good care of yourself in order to stay fit and healthy during winters. Have a glance at some helpful tips to keep you sane this winter.

5 Ways to Stay Fit & Healthy during Winters

1.   Load up on Fruits & Vegetables

Don’t forget to include foods rich in vitamin C in your diet. Fruits like oranges and amla, are a good source of Vitamin C and helps keep up your immunity levels by protecting the body from any types of ailments or conditions. 

Not to forget, the urge to feast on unhealthy food items tends to be higher during winter months, therefore you must choose and treat yourself well with tasty and healthy food options like vegetable soup or healthy salads in order to satiate your cravings.

2.   Bring fitness indoors

Including some physical activity in your routine is very important for maintaining good health as it makes your body fit, strong and also helps you stay active and rejuvenated throughout the day.

It is beneficial for your overall health and has a wholesome impact on bones and muscles too.

3.   Sufficient Sleep

On average an adult requires at least 7-8 hours of rest every day. However, most people limit their sleeping to only 5-6 hours each day. The cold weather provides the ideal climatic conditions in which a person can easily sleep for longer hours owing to the humid and cold weather giving lethargic feels to everyone at all times. Along these lines, the sleep pattern can be easily and effectively modified in an effort to stay healthy during the colder time of year season.

4.   Try new activities

Don’t use cold weather as an excuse to stay indoors and just laze around. Be productive and get yourselves involved in different types of activities like taking a bracing winter walk in the park, playing any sports game of your choice, or more. Exercising regularly will help you keep up your body in good shape and will boost your immune system too. Trying new activities is a good way to break the tension that can build if the family is continually confined inside the four walls of your house.

5.   Immunity-Boosting Foods

The biggest health issue that people face during winters is the common cold and the viral fever that may arise from it. However, you can avoid such conditions by involving immunity-boosting foods in your diet. One of the tried and tested methods of keeping the common cold and conditions following it at bay and maintaining a healthy immune system are to include a cup of 100% Natural and Herbal Tea in your diet. Enriched with the goodness of the best quality medicinal herbs, these herbal remedies help in detoxification as well as boosting your immune system naturally.

These are a few helpful and easy to implement tips that can help you stay fit and healthy this winter by improving your body’s ability to fight illnesses. Don’t forget to remind yourself every day of sticking to healthy routines as this is the only key to a fit and robust lifestyle.

Food & Nutrition Tips to stay healthy during COVID-19

The outbreak of coronavirus has averted the lives of millions around the world. As many of us are finding ourselves stuck at homes or are barely traveling for essential needs, the pandemic has given each and every one of us a tough time. With this unprecedented lifestyle shift from juggling household chores, full-time work, and other competing responsibilities, this pandemic has taken a significant toll on our well being. To cope with the chaos and make things easier we’ve created a list of top 6 food and nutrition tips that will help you lead a healthy life during the pandemic. 

  1. Strengthen your Immune System with a proper diet

To keep up a good and healthy immune system it is essential that you increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables that includes at least five servings a day. In addition to anti-oxidants, fresh fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamins A and C that play a defense mechanism against harmful infections attacking your body. Choose fresh fruits instead of sweet snacks such as cookies, cakes, and chocolate. If your dietary intake is not able to meet your requirements for essential nutrients, then you should consider involving immunity boosters in your diet as this will strengthen your immune system and help your body to fight harmful infections.

  1. Eat less salt and sugar

The daily salt intake should be limited to less than 5g (approximately 1 teaspoon), and prefer the use of iodized salt when cooking and preparing food.

Avoid foods that are high in salt and sugar and also limit your intake of soft drinks and other drinks that have high sugar levels (e.g. fruit juices, syrups, flavored milk, yogurt drinks).

  1. Drink enough water daily

Drink enough quantities of water (at least 2 lt.). It is essential for transporting different nutrients and compounds in blood, regulating the body temperature, helping in getting rid of waste, and also works great for lubricating and cushioning joints.

When it comes to increasing liquid intake, water is the best choice but you can also consume other drinks, fruits, and vegetables that contain good quantities of water. Be mindful of not consuming too much caffeine, sweetened drinks, fruit juices, fizzy drinks, etc. as they all have very high sugar levels.

  1. Prefer fresh fruits and vegetables over canned foods

Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, whole grains, millet, oats, milk, etc. If you want to eat snacks then some of the healthy snacking options are to eat raw vegetables and fruits over snacks that have high sugar, salt, and fat content. Also, while cooking make sure that you don’t overcook the vegetables as this can lead to loss of essential nutrients 

  1. Avoid eating out

Avoid eating out as it will help you reduce the rate of contact with other people and it will also lower your chances of being exposed to the coronavirus. We also recommend maintaining a distance of at least 1 meter between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing. Unfortunately, this is not always possible in crowded places like restaurants and cafes as droplets from an infected person might land on surfaces and people’s hands (e.g. customers and staff), and with the coming and going of lots of people you certainly cannot tell if the hands are being washed regularly enough, and if all the surfaces are being cleaned and disinfected thoroughly after every visit.

The guidance above is to improve and maintain overall health and wellness. It is crucial that you eat nutritious foods, involve physical activity in your daily routine, take an adequate amount of rest, and most importantly take care of your mental health as this will make you more resilient. Certainly, the above guidelines are not a cure or any type of guarantee of immunity from contracting the coronavirus but are helpful in not worsening the condition thereby helping you maintain good well-being. In addition to adopting these food and nutrition tips to stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, do not forget to wear your mask, practicing social distancing, and also in the event if you have any concerns regarding your health consult a doctor.

10 Lifestyle Tips for Living a Healthy Life

Thinking that you are leading a healthy lifestyle? Apart from occasionally veering off the path, most of you must be thinking that you are doing a fair and fantastic job in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, right from your eating habits to involving physical activity in some form or the other in your daily routine. But have you ever asked yourselves, if that is enough to be considered as calling a ‘healthy lifestyle’? Well, to know more and understand better as to what actually a ‘healthy lifestyle’ is read below.

What is a Healthy Lifestyle?

You all must be aware of the obvious behaviors that describe someone to be healthy, to list a few of them: a healthy person doesn’t smoke, is capable of maintaining a healthy weight, gets a good amount of sleep, doesn’t drink too much, involved in some physical activity, eats healthy foods that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of fluids. Well, the list goes on and there are some more essential elements that need to be added to the list like: the person should know how to take care of his/her mental health and basically should understand that everything needs to be done in moderation all the time, from sleep to work out everything. 

Now, the good news is that you do not have to bring about all these lifestyle changes overnight, in fact, the trick to healthy living is by beginning to make small changes and then further taking more steps each day. Below we’ve compiled a list of 10 simple tips that will help you live a healthier and happier life – all things easy that can be incorporated into your daily lives.  

10 Lifestyle Tips for Living a Healthy Life

  1. Drink plenty of fluids

It is essential for adults to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water or more in case its hot, humid, or you are physically active in some form or the other in a day. Generally, water is considered as the best source of liquid intake but you can include fluids in other forms too like plain or flavored drinks, fruit juices, tea, milk, and other drinks, all can be okay – from time to time.

  1. Eat fruits & Vegetables & include a variety of foods in your diet 

Fresh fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals, therefore it is advised to take your essential vitamins and minerals through your diet. Ensure to include fruits and vegetables that help in keeping your immune system healthy in your diet. Also, do not forget your protein, eating foods rich in protein is essential for optimal health. Make it a point to eat regularly while controlling the portion sizes.

Vegetables and fruits are considered to be fully loaded with prebiotic fiber, vitamins, minerals, and several other antioxidants and some of which are assumed to have potent biological effects. As per the studies, people who include the most vegetables and fruits live longer and also have a lower risk of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and other ailments.

  1. Minimize your sugar intake

Sugar intake levels should be well monitored as high sugar intake leads to several ailments like diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, and many other forms of cancer.

  1. Keep a track of your physical activity

Doing a physical activity never means that you are pushing yourself into doing something forcefully, it should be about burning calories, being healthy and having fun all at the same time in whatever form of physical activity you choose for yourself. Your focus should be on sweating in some way it can be in the form of running, biking, dancing, doing yoga, or any other physical activity you enjoy.

  1. Get a quality night’s sleep

Ideally most adults require 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Make sure you get a good quality night’s sleep. Follow these few tips before going to bed like keep your bedroom cool at night, and also avoid blue light after dark etc. for a sound sleep.

  1. Eat real food & avoid processed junk food

Avoid eating processed foods as they are immensely unhealthy and focus more on involving real foods in your diet. Processed foods are considered harmful for our bodies as these are engineered to promote food addiction by tricking your brain into overeating. These foods are low in fiber and protein content and also contain extremely unhealthy ingredients like added sugars and refined grains, thereby you loads of providing empty calories.

  1. Address Emotional Eating Issues

Do you have the habit of binge eating when you feel upset, stressed, or bored? It is very crucial to address the issues of emotional eating as early as possible, because this way you are eating to fill your emotion rather than the real hunger. Get to the root cause of your emotion and address it as you are surely going to regret the emotional eating later.

  1. Include Essential Supplements in your diet 

Even when we are eating healthily, there might occur a situation wherein your body lacks certain essential vitamins and minerals. Common nutrient deficiencies nowadays include: iron, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and calcium. Though, sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D, but most people aren’t able to get enough of this vitamin by just the sun’s exposure. To overcome the deficiency of Vitamin D and other essential vitamins in your body it is recommended to supplement your diet with essential multivitamins and minerals. Below you can find a list of top recommended supplements that you can consider including in your diet:

Vitamin D

Dee Ammrit is one of the most preferred Vitamin D supplements by the physicians owing to its great results. These chewable tablets help in the prevention of Vitamin D deficiency in your body very effectively.


Calcila Tablet/Syrup is one of the highly recommended calcium supplements by doctors that works wonders in treating calcium deficiency in your body.

Iron supplements

If your body is not able to meet the iron requirements through dietary sources, then you should consider including iron supplements in your diet. Our Redpro Plus Syrup/Drop/Capsules are one of the most highly recommended by the doctors. It is advisable to consult your doctor before making them a part of your diet.

Multi Vitamains & Minerals(for Enhacing Immunity)

In the wake of the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic Multi Ammrit stands true in its name by acting as an elixir that contains all the essential vitamins and minerals and helps in boosting your immunity and improving health. 

Tea Ammrit is yet another natural immunity booster. It consists of Ayush Kwath (comprising tulsi, dal chini,sunthi & Krishna Marich) enriched with the goodness of Mulethi and Bhui Amla, which helps in boosting the body’s inner strength to fight infections including COVID-19, and improving the overall health and functioning of your body.

  1. Do things that you enjoy

It is the most essential element of healthy living that often gets ignored. While you are making efforts to live a healthy life ensure that you,never forget to do things that make you happy or at times experimenting new stuff is also cool. The spark should always stay alive and you should feel happy about whatever you are doing with your life.

  1. Cultivate a positive attitude

Declutter your thoughts and aim at cultivating a positive mindset by recognizing negative thought patterns and look forward to countering them with positive thoughts always. 
Good health is not just restricted to following healthy eating habits and exercising, there’s definitely much more to it. One should have a positive attitude, a positive self-image, and a healthy lifestyle in order to live a healhy life. Our body is a temple and we need to take care of it in a healthy and systematic manner. Gradual changes in our lifestyles are easier to sustain than bringing about a whole lot of them all at once. Start now and stay committed to keep changing your lifestyle slowly and gradually thereby being a fitter and healthier version of yourself in the times to come.

Role of immunity-boosting agents to fight against Covid-19

Well, it’s certainly now more than ever, that you have probably been on the hunt for some vital lifestyle changes that you may consider adopting to strengthen your immune system while there are others who are still wondering as to what role exactly do these immunity-boosting agents play in your body. For starters, let us be clear that it is with the help of proper nutrition and healthy eating and hygiene habits that you can maintain some control over how optimally your immune system functions. Including foods rich in vitamins C and D, Zinc, and plant antioxidants coupled with good quality sleep and some physical activity, are the fundamental habits to prioritize for maintaining your immune health. But what about “Immunity-Boosting Agents”- what is the mechanism behind their fortifying effect on the immune system. Let us discuss it below.

  1. Ability to Enhance Immune System

If in case you’ve any doubt in your mind, then let us be clear, no single supplement has been designed that holds the power to replace whole food nutrition we intake or any other healthy habit. But, these supplements/immunity boosters definitely have the ability to enhance your immune system, 

  1. Filling the Nutritional Gaps

An immunity-boosting agent is a combination of essential vitamins and minerals that stimulates your body’s “stay safe” system. Depending on your diet, lifestyle, and personal medical/health concerns, high-quality supplementation/immunity boosters can help you fill the nutritional gaps thereby working with your body towards supporting its functioning optimally. 

  1. Guards against harmful viruses/bacterias

Immunity boosting agents play a very crucial role in keeping our immune system strong and active thereby making it more effective at guarding our body against and by the attack of harmful viruses, bacteria, and disease-triggering microorganisms. A naturally backed immune system can be a powerful ally as it is designed to deliver potent ingredients at different levels of immunity-boosting. 

So, if you intend to help protect your immune system from invasion by bacteria or so, it is highly recommended you include immunity boosters in your diet and enhance your immune system. To fortify your defenses further, we would like to suggest 2 powerful immunity boosters that you should certainly consider involving in your diet as these immunity-boosting agents have unparalleled capabilities to fight against COVID-19.

  • Tea Ammrit is a natural immunity booster that must be a part of your diet. It consists of Ayush Kwath (comprising tulsi, dal chini,sunthi & Krishna Marich) enriched with the goodness of Mulethi and Bhui Amla, which helps in boosting the body’s inner strength to fight infections including COVID-19, and improving the overall health and functioning of your body.
  • Multi Ammrit is yet another popular and one of the highly recommended multivitamins and multi-mineral capsules that assist in boosting your body’s immunity. The immunity-boosting agents present in MultiAmmrit gives your body the strength to fight the deadliest of viruses and bacteria. These hard gelatin capsules play a great role in enhancing the immunity and ensuring that your body functions optimally.

While the battle against the Covid-19 is fought by our frontline warriors i.e our health care workers, we can also do our bit and help flatten the curve by limiting our exposure to the virus by staying indoors, practicing social distancing, adopting healthy lifestyle choices like consuming foods that are high in nutrition value and aid in filling up the nutritional gap, including immunity boosters in your diet, getting enough sleep, doing some physical activity. and following basic hygiene protocol. Keeping your immune system healthy is the key to prevent any attacks from viruses, toxins, or harmful microorganisms, so make sure you are taking good care of your physical as well as mental health all the more.

How to take care of yourselves during COVID-19 pandemic?

The outbreak of coronavirus has changed our lives in not one but gazillions ways. Many of us are at home trying our best in staying safe by putting up indoors, but is that enough? Staying at home tends to bring up anxiety bouts, restlessness, and also at times an illicit temptation to binge eat, and definitely there is more to it. 

With this unprecedented lifestyle shift, there is a prospective for the normalization so we’ve compiled a guide below on how you can get your routine back on track by taking care of yourselves during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are predominantly these three segments you need to work on for a healthy mind, body, and soul and once you are keeping up appropriately with these you are good to go in keeping up with this era of wearing masks and social distancing. Have a look at the ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

Physical Health

  • Stay active

Who said you need gyms to stay active? You can stay active indoors too. There are a lot of safe alternatives to staying active physically that you can practice indoors in the comfort of your homes. Aggressive aerobics sessions works wonders and helps you in keeping up with your activity levels. Also, doing push-ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups, and other exercises is a great way of staying fit and healthy away from the gym. 

  • Take Adequate Sleep

Taking a good sleep is very essential in maintaining your overall health as your mood and immune system are counting on it. A good quality sleep helps in running your immune system effectively thereby fighting off the infections caused by the novel coronavirus or otherwise.

Mental Health

  • Positively cope with stress and anxiety

Well, undeniably these have been trying times for all of us, hence involving some positive coping mechanisms like meditation, reading, painting, or practicing any other stress buster activities can help us a great deal in getting past with the stress and anxiety bouts. If you have never been a fan of all this, use this era to bring about a change in your daily routine and embrace this new lifestyle in the new normal as you develop new and even better routines than before.

  • Social Connections

Stay well connected with your loved ones, friends, and family as it helps heaps in reducing the chances of feeling down while you are in isolation. Utilize the multitudes of technologies and take time to get in touch with the ones whom you’ve not been in able to catch up with lately before the lockdown because of your busy lives as it is therapeutic and aids in maintaining social connections with the people you love and care about.

Diet & Nutrition

  • Avoid mindless snacking

Now that you are confined indoors, it is very essential to take care of your eating habits and don’t fall prey to mindless snacking habits. Practice intuitive eating habits in which you eat only when you feel hungry and you stop eating when you feel full. Listen to your body and act as per that and don’t adopt binge eating practices or similar.

  • Follow Well Balanced Diet

To help and support a healthy immune system it is recommended to follow a well-balanced diet that contains adequate amounts of nutrients as required by the body and also adopting good eating habits plays an important role. Also, make it a point to involve stress-busting foods in your diet like avocados, dark chocolate, soups, and tea as these are great in thwarting stress. Most importantly eat clean and prefer to eat fresh home-cooked meals.

  • Include Immunity Boosters  in your diet

With the incessant spread of the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe it is essential to take every possible safety measures and precautions in order to avoid the contraction with the novel coronavirus by any means. Strengthen your immune system to fight against illness and to do so it is advisable to include immunity boosters in your diet.

Tea Ammrit is one of the most popular natural immunity booster that you should not miss including in your diet. It is Ayush Kwath (comprising tulsi, dal chini,sunthi &krishna Marich) enriched with the goodness of Mulethi and Bhui Amla, which helps in enhancing the body’s inner strength to fight infections including COVID-19 thereby improving the overall health of the body.
Multi Ammrit is yet another one of the highly recommended multivitamins and multi-mineral capsules by the doctors. These hard gelatin capsules help in enhancing immunity and maintaining the overall health of your body.

During this period of confinement, it is extremely important that we understand the adversity of the havoc created by the COVID-19 pandemic and make sure that each and every one of us is well aware of its repercussions if proper precautionary measures are not taken well in advance. To make that certain we’ve compiled a guide above that focuses on how you can improve your overall health and wellness amid COVID-19 that highlights mainly healthy eating habits, including immunity-boosting foods and supplements in your diet, doing physical activity, taking adequate rest, and most importantly taking good care of your mental health as it will make you more resilient.

Don’t forget we’re in this together and together we can fight anything that comes our way.

Best Cough Syrups for Kids for Instant Results

Coughs and Common Colds make both the children and their parents miserable. Well, not just that, coughs can make your sleep a challenge, can make you uncomfortable, irritated and at times it might last for a longer period. As parents, you certainly cannot bear to see your little ones going through such a rough patch. 

So, in order to make sure that common cold and cough does not come in the way of the happiness of your kid, we at Pharma Synth Formulations Ltd. have come up with effective and gentle cough formulas that will surely get your little one back to his/her active self in no time. The Cough syrups are formulated in a way that they relieve the symptoms of the common cold including wet, dry, tight, or tickling coughs, and also chest congestion instantly.

Two safe and effective cough syrups for kids for fast results from cough:


SEDORIL-P Oral Drops is the most effective and best cough and cold formula for the little ones. It helps in getting fast relief from throat problems and also helps in suppressing cold and acts as an effective cold cough syrup.


Sedoril Kids is an oral liquid formula used to treat cough and cold problems and is trusted as one of the best formulations for cough and cold concerns for the little ones owing to its:

  • Cough and cold-fighting properties
  • Frees congestion
  • Children friendly syrup

When it comes to your kids you possibly can never go wrong with the 2 cough formulas discussed above to treat your kid’s cough and cold problems. Also, remember the first few days of the cold and cough problems in kids are the worst, so you are required to be patient. You would definitely want your child to feel better but not at the cost of heavy dosages, therefore it is recommended to consult a doctor before giving any sort of medication to your little one and understand the root cause of infection as it can due to common cold, a virus, some allergy or so.

With the onset of monsoon season in India, the sudden change of weather gives a tough time to each and every person from a kid to an adult every year. So, it is very essential that you take good care of your well being and include foods and supplements in your diet that boost your immunity. Don’t let this change of season take a toll on your good times, make sure you take good care of yourselves by following good eating habits and eat clean and fresh food.

Top 5 Surprising Benefits of Vitamin D in your body

Not just restricted to building healthy bones and teeth there are several other surprising benefits of having adequate levels of Vitamin D in your bodies. Vitamin D or also known as the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’ as it is produced in our skin on exposure to sunlight is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays a gigantic role in keeping the human body healthy. Have a look at the top 5 ways in which this wonder vitamin benefits your body.

  1. Strengthens your bones 

Vitamin D works wonders for strengthening and building bones. It is required by our bodies for bone growth and preventing them from becoming brittle. When coupled with calcium, it can help in preventing osteoporosis also. 

  1. Strengthens your muscles

Apart from its bone-building capabilities, Vitamin D is beneficial in building and strengthening muscles too. It is essential for muscle growth as a deficiency of it might lead to weak muscles. This wonder vitamin helps increase muscle strength thus preventing falls, which is a common problem in the elderly people.

  1. Supports the Immune System 

Vitamin D supports the immune system and helps the body in fighting diseases by beating harmful bacterias and viruses. Undeniably, this role of prevention of viruses and infections has become a very serious concern during COVID-19 pandemic and it is very crucial to take care of your immune system.

  1. Reduces Depression

It has been said that sunshine plays a great role in brightening up your mood and researches have also shown that Vitamin D plays a great role in regulating mood swings and forestalling depression.Therefore,Vitamin D plays an important part in battling cancer.

  1. Helpful if you are trying to lose weight

As per researches, Vitamin D has also proved to be helpful in losing weight. As a matter of fact, besides helping in weight loss, Vitamin D is also helpful in reducing the risks of heart diseases.

How to get Vitamin D?

There are mainly three common ways in which you can get your daily dose of Vitamin D. Have a look at the Vitamin D sources:

Exposure to Sunlight

When exposed to sunlight our bodies absorb sunlight and produce Vitamin D in our bodies. It is also said that sun derived Vitamin D circulates twice as long as the Vitamin D we get from Vitamin D food sources. So, make sure your body is exposed to sunlight and is able to get its dose from natural sources.

Vitamin D food sources

There are very few food sources in nature that are good sources of Vitamin D. Salmon, mushrooms, broccoli, soy milk, almond milk, cheese, egg yolks, cereals, carrots, almonds, apples, bananas, lentils, sunflower seeds are some of the top Vitamin D rich foods that one should consider including in their diet. 

Supplemental Form

As per researchers, it has been noticed that people who included Vitamin D supplements in their diet have improvement in their Vitamin D deficiency levels in their bodies.  In the event that you are not able to get adequate amounts of Vitamin D from the sunlight then it is advised to include Vitamin D in your diet in supplemental forms. DeeAmmrit is one of the highly recommended Vitamin D supplements by the doctors at present owing to its effective results in helping the body keeping up good health.

It is crucial to maintain adequate levels of Vitamin D in your body to support normal growth and development of the body. Also,it is recommended to include Vitamin D in your diet in supplemental form if your body is not able to meet the requirements from natural sources. Consult a doctor for dosage purposes.