Essential Vitamins and Minerals for your body

What foods are vitamin powerhouses? What role do different vitamins & minerals play in your bodies? What supplements are best that you can include in your diet based on specific vitamin or mineral deficiency? All these questions or related must have crossed your mind at some point or the other. Quite often people tend to neglect having nutrient-rich foods, as a result of which there occurs a deficiency of these essential vitamins and minerals in the bodies. Therefore, including all the essential vitamins and minerals in your diet either from the nutrient-rich food sources or specific supplements is vital. Below we have compiled a list of essential vitamins and minerals one must intake for proper nutrition and smooth body functioning.

List of Essential Vitamins

1. Vitamin A

Benefits: Good for eyes, helps in fighting chronic diseases, general growth and development, keeps skin healthy, plays an important role in bone growth.

Good Food Sources: Carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and other similar pigmented foods all of which get their hue from the carotene pigment.

2. B Vitamins

Benefits: One of the most essential vitamins that are required for the conversion of food into energy, good for maintaining immune health, and iron absorption.

Good Food Sources: The entire important group of these nutrients can be found in whole unprocessed foods like whole grains, potatoes, lentils, bananas, beans, yeast, and chili peppers.

3. Vitamin C

Benefits: Aids in iron absorption, strengthening blood vessels, giving elasticity to the skin, and promotes anti-oxidant function. 

Good Food Sources: From a toddler to an adult, everyone knows this one. Yes, oranges are fully packed with Vitamin C but they’re not the only source. There are several other fruits and veggies rich in Vitamin C like guava, kiwi, red and green peppers, grapefruits, strawberries, cantaloupe, and brussels sprouts.

4. Vitamin D

Benefits: Important for bone and colon health and also absorption of calcium and phosphorous. The right amount of Vitamin D boosts immunity and reduces the risk of diabetes.

Good Sources: Exposure to sunlight, eating broccoli, egg yolks, cereals, mushrooms, and fatty fish

Supplements: If you are not able to suffice the Vitamin D requirements of your body from exposure to sunlight or food sources, then it is advised to take Vitamin D supplements. 

Dee Ammrit is one of the most preferred Vitamin D supplements by the physicians owing to its great results. These chewable tablets help in the prevention of Vitamin D deficiency in your body very effectively.

5. Vitamin E

Benefits: Acts as an anti-oxidant, helps in blood circulation, and provides protection from free radicals.

Good Food Sources: Almonds are great sources of Vitamin E-rich foods. Besides almonds, you can also fill up on other nuts, sunflower seeds, green leafy vegetables and tomatoes to reap the benefits of this essential vitamin.

6. Vitamin K

Benefits: Helps in activating the proteins and calcium essential to blood clotting. Might also help in preventing hip fractures.

Good Food Sources: The best natural sources of Vitamin K are consuming lots and lots of leafy vegetables like cabbage, spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and other greens.

List of Essential Minerals

1. Calcium

Benefits: It is good for building healthy bones and protection of teeth

Good Food Sources: The best sources for calcium intake is dairy products that include milk, cheese, yogurt, and tofu. Also, fortified plant-based milk i.e almond milk and cashew milk can be considered as an option as it is rich in calcium content.

Supplements: If you are not able to meet your body’s calcium requirements through your diet intake, then it is advised to consider taking calcium supplements for the same. 

Calcila Tablet/Syrup is one of the highly recommended calcium supplements by doctors that works great in treating calcium deficiency in your body.

2. Folic Acid

Benefits: Good for cell renewal and preventing birth defects during pregnancy

Good Food Sources: There are numerous good food sources of folic acid that include: dark leafy greens, citrus fruits, broccoli, beans, lentils, seeds, nuts, peas, cauliflower, corn and more.

3. Iron

Benefits: Good for maintaining healthy blood, needed for making amino acids, collagen and neurotransmitters, needed for performing chemical reactions inside the body.

Good Food Sources: Soybeans, pumpkin seeds, cereal, lentils, beans, and spinach are food sources that are rich in iron content.

Supplements: On the off chance, your body is not able to meet the iron requirements through dietary sources, then you should consider including iron supplements in your diet. Our Redpro Plus Syrup/Drop/Capsules are one of the most highly recommended iron capsules by the doctors. It is advisable to consult your doctor before making them a part of your diet.

4. Zinc

Benefits: Helps in the creation of new cells, formation of new enzymes and proteins, and good for boosting immunity and overall growth and development.

Good Food Sources: Foods containing good amounts of zinc include spinach, cashews, beans, and dark chocolate.

5. Potassium

Benefits: Plays a great role in keeping your body well hydrated and balancing fluids inside the body, helps in maintaining a steady heartbeat, and is a key supporter of blood pressure.

Good Food Sources: The good food sources include meat, milk, fruits, vegetables, grains, and more.

6. Omega-3

Benefits: Helps in maintaining cardiovascular health, brain function, and mood.

Good Food Sources: A very beneficial fatty acid that is found in fish oil, hemp seeds, or algal oil.

Apart from the essential vitamins and minerals discussed above and their corresponding supplements, there are few other supplements, that you can consider involving in your diet. Consult your doctor before making it a part of your diet.

  • Lycomalt: It is a Hi-Tech tonic/supplement good for maintaining health. It contains lycopene with malt, proteins, vitamins, and minerals suspension.
  • Livobion: Livobion Syrup/Tablets/Capsules are extremely good for protecting the liver. Also, it helps in treating fatty liver, less appetite, and jaundice. The composition constitutes B Vitamins, Folic acid, and other essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Multi Ammrit: In the wake of the current situation of COVID-19 Multi Ammrit stands true in its name as it contains all the essential vitamins and minerals and helps in boosting your immunity and improving health.

Make it a ritual to include all the essential vitamins and minerals in your diet whether through dietary means or supplements as all these vitamins and minerals play their specific role in maintaining your overall health.

Ways to Boost your Immunity

Hand wash regimen, Check. Masks, Check. Sanitizers, Check. Gloves, Check. Social distancing, Check. Wait, are you doing anything for boosting your immunity? While we are engrossed taking all the viable precautionary measures to fight the pandemic (COVID-19) that’s elevating the stress levels day by day owing to the increasing number of cases worldwide, most of us are probably not spending sufficient time to focus on strengthening our immune system, perhaps the only way to fight the coronavirus, if not preventing it downright. Remember, panicking won’t help, working on improving your gut and immunity will.

Lately, we all have done searches like boosting the immune system against coronavirus, Ways to strengthen your Immune System, Immunity Boosting Supplements, Ways to Boost your Immunity, Lifestyle Changes to Boosting Immunity, and the list is never-ending. So, to address these searches, we’ve come up with 5 Easy and Effective Ways that will be of great help in boosting your body’s immune system. 

Also, when it comes to maintaining good health by fighting viruses it is very essential to follow basic hygiene protocols such as washing your hands more often, avoiding meeting sick people, taking proper care of your health in every way possible. Apart from all this, many experts suggest that focussing on boosting your immune system may also give you an edge in staying healthy. So, here are five smart and easy ways that you should add in your daily routine that will help you boost your immunity.

5 Ways to Boost your Immunity

  1. Stay Active

Physical activity is not just for the ones interested in building muscles or losing bodyweight. Rather, it is a very important part of being healthy as it helps you de-stress, and also strengthens your immune system. Including moderate exercising or workouts in your daily routine helps you in staying active and improves the immune system functioning by boosting overall circulation thereby making it a whole lot easier for the immune cells and rest of the infection-fighting molecules to travel much more easily throughout your body.

  1. Focus on your Nutrition

There might be many ways to boost your immunity, but nothing like following good and healthy nutrition practices. Apart from practicing good hygiene practices, keeping up a healthy immune system requires a bit more such as having a good and balanced nourishment that is the right mix of all the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are required to maintain good health by the body.

In case you are incurring any problem like loss of appetite etc. then you can take our PharmaSynth Syrup as it plays a great role in helping you improve your health and stimulating your appetite.

  1. Get plenty of sleep

Rebooting is important for the proper functioning of the body as the immune system has the tendency to restore itself while a person is asleep. To ensure that proper restoration takes place, deep and adequate amounts of sleep is required as it allows your body in the tissue repairing process and stimulating muscle growth that has been lost post-exercise sessions.

  1. Supplement Wisely

Well, it is indeed a great move to turn to supplements, if you wish to follow a proper healthcare regimen and take good care of your health. Following a diet that is enriched with the goodness of all the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients is all that plays a crucial role in keeping your immune system strong.

Help your body fight illness or attack from harmful viruses by ensuring that you are including some of the top vitamins, minerals, and nutrients an immune system needs to be in a good shape include:

  • Keeping a track of maintaining the right levels of various vitamins like Vitamin A, C, E, B6, B12 is very important as these vitamins help in strengthening immune system levels.
  • Immunity Boosters

With the havoc caused by the outburst of COVID-19 all over the world, it is the need of the hour to take good care of your immune system by focussing on taking proper nutrition and if need be including Effective Immunity Boosters in your lifestyle. We have introduced an effective combination of multivitamins and minerals that goes by the name Multi-Ammrit that helps in increasing the body’s internal strength to fight infections.

Including Natural Immunity Boosters to your daily routine can also help in stimulating and boosting your immune system, maintaining your health, and helps you remain smart and active. Enriched with the goodness of Mulethi and Bhui Amla our Tea Ammrit (Kwath) helps in increasing the body’s ability to fight against any illnesses.

  • Vitamin D deficiency in a person may increase the chances of getting sick, hence supplementing may counteract this effect. The vitamin is good for both bones and overall health.

In the wake of the current situation, we would like to bring to your notice one of the most important things i.e “ Vitamin-D deficient people are more susceptible to COVID-19 infection”. Therefore, in order to maintain adequate Vitamin D levels in your body, it is essential to include Vitamin D capsules (like Novadee-3) in your diet that ensures the proper facilitation of the Immune System and also improves the resistance to harmful diseases and infections.

Apart from the supplements discussed above, there is one that comes in syrup form Lycomalt that helps an individual in maintaining good health levels. Composed with the right proportions of protein, malt, vitamins, and minerals suspension this Hi-Tech tonic helps in dealing with oxidative stress caused by smoking, drinking, and vitamin deficiency inside the body. The rejuvenating tonic also aids in promoting bone, cardiovascular and nervous system health and well being.

  1. Manage your stress levels

Relieving stress and anxiety is the ultimate key to maintaining proper immune health. Therefore, make sure you manage your stress levels as there is a strong link between mental and immune health.

One of the foremost things that helps in boosting your immunity is keeping up with your lifestyle habits and also maintaining a properly balanced diet that includes all the essential vitamins and minerals. If you are not able to keep up with the appropriate vitamins and minerals levels by dietary means then you should definitely consider taking supplements, as vitamins and minerals play a very crucial role in boost immunity levels in the body.

Top 7 Reasons why you need Iron Supplements

Before we begin about why our body needs Iron Supplements, let us know what role does this mineral play in your bodies. Iron is a mineral that is crucial to your health. All the cells contain some iron, but most of the iron in the human body is found in RBCs i.e Red Blood Cells. It is the RBCs only that play a great part in the transportation of oxygen from your lungs to the organs and tissues throughout your body. Besides this iron contributes to the transmission of nerve impulses wherein the signals coordinate the actions between different parts of the body. You can get the iron you need to perform various body functions from the foods that you eat but there are certain situations that might require adding iron supplements to your diet. 

The deficiency of iron levels in your body causes Anemia. It is a condition where there is not enough amount of iron in the RBCs as a result of which red blood cells tend to lose the capability to effectively provide oxygen to different cells and tissues of your body. The common symptoms of Anemia include:

  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Lack of Concentration

Let us have a look at some of the important reasons why and when we need to include Iron Supplements in our diet:

  1. When You’re Pregnant

Pregnant women need to take a significantly higher dose of iron as compared to women who are not pregnant or nursing(15 to 18 milligrams daily). The recommended dietary allowance of iron for pregnant women is 27 milligrams per day. Make sure that you do not overdose yourself as this might hurt the baby. Also, consulting a doctor is the best option before considering to include any type of iron in your everyday diet.

  1. When you’ve an infant

Babies tend to build stores of overabundance iron from their moms while they’re in the womb. These stores are utilized during their initial a half year of life when they’re nursing. You should add iron-rich foods to their diet when your infant is a half year old enough. 

Most pediatricians suggest utilizing a formula that is invigorated with iron on the off chance that you bottle-feed your child. Also, a thing to be taken care of for premature babies who haven’t had the opportunity to assemble their iron stores are probably going to require supplemental iron. It is always advisable to check with your pediatrician before giving your newborn child iron supplements.

  1. When you Exercise

It has been said that female athletes usually have lower levels of iron in their bodies, the exact reason for which is still unknown. As per the researchers, athletes might require more red blood cells to carry oxygen so that they can keep exercising.

  1. When you are Menstruating

Menstruation drains out iron stores. This is the reason women have higher anemia rates in comparison to men. So, it is advisable to take iron supplements if you have low levels of iron in your body.

  1. When you are on Dialysis

For those on kidney dialysis lack iron, therefore need additional iron in their bodies to perform the functioning. The kidneys are liable for making erythropoietin, a hormone that advises the body to make red blood cells. In the event that the kidneys don’t fill in too, anemia is regularly a symptom. 

You may seem to lose a modest quantity of blood during dialysis and what’s more, dialysis abstains from food likewise frequently limit iron intake. A few drugs that individuals on dialysis take can go through iron or meddle with the body’s capacity to absorb it. 

To avoid any problems, it is advisable to consult your doctor and know about how to keep up sound blood iron levels in case you’re on dialysis.

  1. When you experience excessive Blood Loss

Individuals who experience exorbitant blood loss on a regular basis need additional iron and if the diet alone is not able to meet the requirements, then you should consult your doctor and must include iron supplements in your diet. One of the most important things that needs to be acknowledged is that regular blood donors and individuals who have gastrointestinal bleeding are usually at higher risk. Gastrointestinal bleeding is caused either due to prescriptions or conditions, for example, ulcers. Giving blood all the time isn’t suggested in case you’re consistently low in iron.

  1. When you are on Iron Depleting Medications

There are medicines out there that tend to lower the level of iron levels in your body or interfere with the body’s ability to absorb iron. If you are concerned about the same, you should consider taking advice from your doctor regarding the same and include iron supplements in your diet and also never take the decision to stop taking such medications on your own, better consult a doctor.

The above discussed are some of the top 7 reasons on why one needs Iron Supplements in their diet. One of the best and effective Iron Supplements in the market is Redpro Plus Capsules. You can consider taking these supplements as advised by your doctor and please note that there is a difference in dosage for women who are pregnant and those not and also several other factors that decide how much Redpro Plus Capsules you should include in your diet.

Time to get some Sunshine Vitamins

Why do I need Vitamin D? Is it really helpful in building stronger bones and nails? Does Vitamin D aids in building a robust Immune System?. Well, if these questions have ever aroused in your head at some point, then it’s better you know that this is definitely not just it, to have asked for from this wonder Vitamin. 

Vitamin-D or also called as the Sunshine Vitamin because this Vitamin is produced in your skin in response to the sunlight. Though, it is difficult to get Vitamin-D naturally because people usually avoid sunbathing now. So, we at Pharma Synth have brought to your rescue Novadee-3 Sugar-Free Orange Flavoured Chewable Tablets that contain: Cholecalciferol 60,000 I.U.The Cholecalciferol present in these tablets is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps the body in absorbing calcium and phosphorous that is found in the food and supplements we intake.

One of the most commonly asked questions is – What are the factors that lead to Vitamin-D deficiency? Well, there are several factors that lead to Vitamin-D deficiency in a human body like 

  • Using Sunscreen,
  • Being in areas with high pollution levels,
  • Spending more time indoors,
  • Fully-covered clothing, 
  • Minimal exposure to sunlight and 
  • Aging 
  • Having dark skin (Higher the melanin levels, lesser the skin absorbs Vitamin D)

All these factors tend to play a major role in preventing you from getting enough vitamin D from the sun and thus resulting in Vitamin D Deficiency. That is why it is advisable to take your Vitamin D from sources other than the sunlight. 

One of the most important thing, that we would like to bring to your knowledge is that

“Vitamin-D deficient people are more susceptible to COVID-19 infection”. So, in order to maintain adequate Vitamin D levels in your body, it is vital to include Novadee-3 Vitamin D capsules in your diet thereby ensuring the facilitation of normal Immune System and improved resistance to harmful diseases and infections.

Apart from the benefits discussed above, there are many other uses of Novadee-3 capsules which include:

  • Boosts Immune Functions
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes
  • Helpful in relieving Chronic Muscle Ache
  • Reduces Fatigue/Stress levels
  • Aids in Calcium and Phosphorous Metabolism
  • Enhances Immunity & Improves Overall Health
  • Increases Resistance against infections
  • Good for building and keeping teeth and bones strong 

What is immunity and why is it important?

Immunity is basically your bodies’ ability to safeguard you against diseases and infections caused by pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and other disease-causing microorganisms. As long as your immune system is functioning properly, you will not even notice any changes. So, it is advised to include Immunity Boosters in your everyday life. Be it in the form of a tea or capsules. If you are still wondering on how to enhance your immunity and maintain optimum health, then don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Working towards building a strong immune system is the perfect solution to beat COVID-19. 

Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India has recommended a Kwath which is a combination of 4 important herbs that are Tulsi, Dalchini, Sonth, and Kali Mirch. We at Pharma Synth have fortified this Kwath with the goodness of Mulethi & Bhui Amla to enhance the body’s inner strength to fight infections including COVID-19 and have introduced a high-quality and first of its kind product -TeaAmmrit.This is not any regular tea as it has been prepared with extensive research by competent professionals keeping in mind the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation and is enriched with all the essential ingredients that will help you in keeping up a robust immune system.

TeaAmmrit, a Natural Immunity Booster has several health benefits like:

  • Aids in stimulating and boosting your immunity
  • Helps in maintaining your health 
  • Helps you defend against common disease-causing microorganisms
  • Helps in increasing the body’s ability to fight against any illnesses.
  • Helps you to remain smart & active

Also, TeaAmmrit is very easy to make, just follow the step-step guide discussed below:

  • Take one teaspoonful (4g) of TeaAmmrit and boil for 2 minutes in 2 cups (400ml) of water. You may adjust the quantity to suit your taste.
  • Gud, Mishri, or Munnakka may be added while boiling.
  • Lemon juice may also be added for good taste.
  • Enjoy this Kwath like tea or hot drink.
  • TeaAmmrit may also be used as Chai Masala, to make your tea, a health drink.

You must not forget that “Health is Wealth”.Therefore, it is very vital to take good care of your health as “Wellness is the ultimate path to Happiness”. 

Immune Boosting and the new Normal

In the wake of COVID-19 outbreak across the globe, the entire humankind is grappling with the impending dangers that this virus poses to mankind. While there is no vaccine available for it till date and secondly not to forget that there is no such evidence until now that proves that if you’ve recovered from COVID-19 infection once there are no chances of a second infection. 

Both the two facts stated above are quite alarming and need to be addressed with utmost care without any negligence. Also, people with diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and other respiratory issues need to take care of themselves very carefully as the chances of COVID-19 Complications are higher in such cases because of the pre-existing illnesses. 

So, we at Pharma Synth have come up with an effective combination of Multi-Vitamins and Multi-Minerals i.e MultiAmmrit that aids in boosting your immune system and helps you in maintaining optimum health. MultiAmmrit came out after vigorous processing of 18 vital elements that comprises of 7 Vitamins, 8 Minerals with Ginseng and Lysine processed in good quality excipients.

We all are well-versed with the fact that “Prevention is better than cure”.Till the time, there is no medicine or vaccine for COVID-19, it will be a good and intelligent approach to take preventive measures that will boost your immunity in these times. Including these MultiAmmrit capsules in your everyday life can be of good help in taking care of your health thereby enhancing your immunity levels and also:

  • Increasing your body’s internal strength to fight Viral & Bacterial Infections 
  • Speeds up the recovery

Besides improving health MultiAmmrit is also helpful in:

  • Decreasing the chances of stress & fatigue, 
  • Preventing various cardiac & diabetic problems,
  • Vomiting & Nausea associated with Radio & Chemotherapy

Whilst the battle against this pandemic is fought by our health care workers, you can also do our bit by following some preventive measures like limiting your exposure to the virus, practicing social distancing norms, eating healthy, hydrating well, following basic hygiene protocol and most importantly including MultiAmmrit Capsules in your daily routine as that will help you in keeping up a robust immune system. MultiAmmrit enhances immunity & improves health by making your body less prone to illness and provides it with the strength to power through. 

You are special and so does your Immunity Boosters need to be. 

Are Generic Drugs Safe and effective as branded Drugs?

Generic Medicines
Quality of generic drugs seems to be of major concern for many people nowadays and many of them tend to have a myth in their minds that generic drugs compromise on their quality standards in the production phase and therefore are less effective and safe and also cost less. But there lies a fact behind this myth i.e generic drugs use the same ingredients as their brand name counterparts and hence are prone to have similar pharmacological effects as their brand name counterparts.

Generic Drugs are quality assured

The medication of generic drugs is created to be the same as brand name drugs in terms of dosage form, route of administration, performance characteristics, quality standards, effectiveness, and intended use. To ensure the parameters like safety, quality, and effectiveness, the generic drugs are meant to go through a rigorous analysis process including the review of scientific information about the generic drug’s ingredients and performance characteristics. Moreover, India’s Central Drugs Standard Control Organization requires that a generic drug production unit meets the same standards as that of the brand name drug manufacturing unit.

Generic Drugs have same Medicinal Effects

Adhering to the rules laid out by CDSCO for the generic drug manufacturing unit, it is not allowed that generic drugs possess the same colors, flavors, or combinations of inactive ingredients as that of brand name drugs. In accordance with the Trademark laws, generic drugs should not look exactly like their brand-name medication, but the active ingredients ought to be the same while manufacturing both the drugs fortifying that both have the same medicinal properties and effects. In fact, according to estimates, 50% of generic drug production is done by the brand name drug companies within their production units.

Generic Drugs prove bioequivalence and also Cost Low

Generic Drugs often cost 30-50% less than brand name drugs because they do not have to spend much on advertising costs and other expenditures that incur when a drug is introduced. Hence, this is the major reason why generic drugs cost less and are not less effective because of their low cost. Generic Drugs have to go through certain test and prove bioequivalence with the patent drug exhibiting that the drug works in the same manner in the human body as a patent drug does. This means that chemically they need to exhibit the same medicinal effects with minute variations.

Generic Drugs are manufactured under the same conditions as brand name drugs

Generic drugs tend to be an uncommon source of healthcare savings amidst the sky-high healthcare services costs. The manufacturers make sure that all the generic Drugs are produced with the same quality standards and under the same conditions just as brand name drugs.
Taking into account the above rundown, we’ve come up with some informative conclusions that generic drugs possess no distinction as compared to brand name drugs in terms of quality standards, production phase being low in cost. These drugs have the same medicinal properties and are as safe as their brand name counterparts.


The scope of the Pharma industry in India is immense and this industry is a hub of opportunities for those looking out for new avenues of investments. India’s pharmaceutical exports stood at US$ 17.27 billion in FY18 and are expected to grow by 30% to reach US$ 20 billion by the year 2020. Hence investing in the Pharma
Industry in India can be a profitable venture. But taking up any venture calls for the whole set of legal formalities to comply with and investment.
Similarly, starting a PCD Pharma Company in India calls for compliance with a lot of rules and regulations and terms. Let’s take a glance at the step by step procedure of setting up a PCD pharma company

  • Chalk Out your business plan

A business plan is a blueprint that will guide your business from the very initial stage through the establishment and eventually business growth. It is a must for all new ventures. The type of your business plan would depend upon your finance requirement. If you want to seek financial help from banks or financial institutions then go for Traditional business plan. In this plan and if not, then a simple one-page business plan for you would suffice.

  • Plan your Finances 

    No company can be established without finance. So, knowing an estimated cost of establishment and the source to fund your business is very important.

  1. Put together all the expenses that you would need to make in a spreadsheet (include property buying or leasing cost, licenses and permits, equipment and machines, infrastructure and building premise, market research, inventory, branding, insurance). Also add to it the working capital that you would need for running the business for at least a year (eg marketing and advertising, employee salaries, travel expenses, etc). Adding all these expenses would make you arrive at the figure of the initial investment required.
  2. Next step is to look for Ways to Fund your business, it could be through your own equity or debt from banks or financial institutions.


  • Business structure

In the case of above 2 partners and below 50 partners, a company can be registered under private limited company or limited liability company and for the single proprietor, one can go for a one-person company.

  • Decide a good Business Name

The business name plays a vital role in all aspects and is a silent ambassador of your company. Decide Brand names of all products and make sure that these don’t resemble any other brand already existing in the market

  • Documentation, Licensing & Certification

Commencing a Pharmaceuticals Company in India needs licensing and approvals from various different authorities. Most of them are a one-time investment which may last a lifetime, while some may require renewal after a certain time period.

  1. Drug License Number: Drug license number is necessary for every company to start distribution or marketing in India.
  2. Company Registration: In case of above 2 partners and below 50 partners, a company can be registered under private limited company or limited liability company and for the single proprietor, one can go for a one-person company.
  3. Food Safety & Standard Authority of India (FSSAI): Annual registration required.
  4. Trade Mark: Trade Mark registration is necessary to safeguard one’s intellectual property. Trademark registration can be obtained for a business name, brand name, logo, tagline or caption, etc.
  5. GSTIN: Pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in India are taxed at four separate rates of Nil, 5%, 12%, and 18%.


  • Set up your Business location

Including your office and a warehouse for storage. Ensure that all the premises that you select should have adequate space and are established as per Govt. norms.

  • Products selection and development

One can start a pharmaceutical company by getting manufactured one, two or three products. One doesn’t need to go with a big product list. Product selection is an utmost important prospect. Do proper research and prepare a list of all the molecules and combinations, you wish to launch in the market. Understand the market’s need and look for currently running & latest molecules those creating good market demand.

  • Finalize third-party manufacturers

Send quotation for minimum batch size and minimum possible rates to as many third-party manufacturers as possible (as it helps you crack the best deal). Select the best manufacturer who can assure you timely and quality services. Third party or contract manufacturers, manufacture products for you in their factories and save you from the hassle of running a whole manufacturing unit.

  • Place Your order with the selected Manufacturer

and make sure to send affidavit (specifying that the brand name of the product belongs to you and you will be totally responsible for any brand name or trademark conflict and manufacturer will not responsible for any conflict in future with respect to brand name or trademark). Manufacturers also ask for a scanned copy of your drug license number and GST number.

  • Make agreements/contract with them

specifying the agreed terms and conditions and the other details about the deal.

  • Start Building your Team

Make sure that you hire experienced people. Appoint only registered pharmacists and carefully select the whole sellers or super-distribution companies who would push your product in the market in the best manner.  You would also need MR to visit and promote your products to doctors.

  • Promotion and Marketing

of the products and brand name can really turn around the sale game and make a company earn huge profits.

  1. Design a good logo for your brand and choose it wisely as a logo says a lot about a brand silently.
  2. Packaging and Labelling do more than just protecting and storing a product. They play a vital role in promoting and developing the image of a brand in a  market.
  3. Prepare visual ads, product cards, and promotional materials.
  4. Design a good website and run ads on the internet.