A regular practice can calm your brain, help your heart, and even make you a better person.
Our state of mind defines our thinking process which in turn decides our actions and behavior. With meditation, this state of mind is elevated. Meditation, also known as “dhyana” in Sanskrit, is the key to maintaining a peaceful soul. It forms one of the eight limbs of Yog shastra. Except for spirituality, there are many other perks of this practice. Many changes have been felt by people who regularly practice meditation, thus turning their lives to a positive direction. But it is often believed that meditation is very tough and difficult to practice. No, this is not true. Let’s learn how to mediate in the simplest form.
How to mediate?
Sit in a comfortable place and if you can’t sit on the ground, use a chair with flat surface. Upon closing your eyes, start focusing on your breathing. Initially you will find yourself wandering in thoughts. It’s okay, you don’t have to suppress them. Just let them pass and try to focus again. Soon your mind will come to the initial focus point and thus you will experience peace.
Importance of Meditation
1. One can attain calmness by the daily practice of meditation. Mental serenity will be present in every work performed by the person. With each passing day, you will experience a difference in your lifestyle which is better than the past.
2. The busy lifestyle in this 21st century often fills up our mind with stress. It’s worth noting that our levels of stress hormones are raised with no relaxation, thus causing anxiety. Too much adrenaline and cortisol in our bodies can cause our blood pressure to rise, making our brains behave differently. Meditation reduces the stress and also promotes good chemical production in the body, like serotonin.
3. Disturbed sleep at night is a common scenario and sound sleep is very essential for the body to function efficiently. The main reason behind our troubled sleep is that our mind works faster than required when we sleep. Practicing meditation daily relieves stress, thus helping in having sound sleep.
4. Meditation is a long-term practice which delays the process of biological ageing. Meditation has this credit, as it decreases the production of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are the main cause for tissue damage, ageing, and in some cases, even cancer.
5. It is a known fact that there’s nothing more harmful in one’s mind than a negative thought. So next time when you feel surrounded by cynicism, try to add meditation in your routine. It also helps reduce anger and fight depression and anxiety. 15-20mins of meditation is usually recommended to reduce both depression and anxiety.
6. Meditation also has benefits like better emotional stability, increased concentration, calmer body and mind, and less stressful life. It also helps reduce blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. You will find yourself enjoying small things in life, like watching kids playing in the garden or someone’s genuine simile. Thus this inner energy sourced by meditation will help you become a better person.