Giving back to the society

Social Activities: We, the team of PharmaSynth intend to make our every effort count to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities. From affordable pricing of our branded generics to strengthening of medicines distribution infrastructure in rural areas and patient awareness, we have distinctly exhibited our ability to make a significant difference in improving the health status […]

Why we are passionate about our work.

Medicines are an essential part of human life. Human life became too busy in day-to-day life that human cannot watch the diseases coming in their path. It is very necessary to have medicines in modern life because it gives a better relief to the person. Various types of diseases are happening in day-to-day life like […]

A broad look at the facilities offered at PharmaSynth

A broader look at the operations carried out at the manufacturing unit of PharmaSynth PharmaSynth manufactures various types of dosage forms, mainly Tablets, Capsules, Beta-Lactum, Oral Liquid, Oral Powder, Dry Syrup, Ointments, Creams, Lotions, Ear & Nasal Drops, Enema, Cosmetics, etc. To begin with the widely used solid dosage form i.e., Tablets. Depending upon the […]

Contract Manufacturing

What is Contract Manufacturing? Manufacturing based on the contract is necessary for which the contractor provides the information about the formulation of the medicine and types of medicine which they wanted to get manufactured. Contract manufacturing is the form of outsourcing. Generally, In the contract manufacturing business, Manufacturer provides information about the labor cost, overheads, […]