Giving back to the society

Social Activities:

We, the team of PharmaSynth intend to make our every effort count to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities. From affordable pricing of our branded generics to strengthening of medicines distribution infrastructure in rural areas and patient awareness, we have distinctly exhibited our ability to make a significant difference in improving health status of our fellow citizens. Read more…

Why we are passionate about our work.

Medicines are the essential part of the human life. Human life became too busy in day-to-day life that human cannot watch the diseases coming in their path. It is very necessary to have medicines in modern life because it gives better relief to the person. Various types of diseases are happening in day-to-day life like chicken-pox etc. So, it is necessary to make the best medicine that ruined the disease at best and give better relieve to the person. Advancement is the motto of 21st era and every field is rapidly changing and technology has improved at large extent. Read more…

A broad look at the facilities offered at PharmaSynth

A broader look at the operations carried out at the manufacturing unit of PharmaSynth

PharmaSynth manufactures various types of dosage forms, mainly Tablets, Capsules, Beta-Lactum, Oral Liquid, Oral Powder, Dry Syrup, Ointments, Creams, Lotions, Ear & Nasal Drops, Enema, Cosmetics, etc.

To begin with the widely used solid dosage form i.e., Tablets. Depending upon the formulation of a tablet, it can be directly swallowed with water or chewed before swallowing or dispersed in water before administration or retained in the oral cavity where the active part of the tablet is liberated. Read more…

Contract Manufacturing

What is Contract Manufacturing?

Manufacturing based on the contract is necessary in which contractor provides the information about the formulation of the medicine and types of medicine which they wanted to get manufactured. Contract manufacturing is the form of outsourcing. Generally, In the contract manufacturing business, Manufacturer provides the information about the labor cost, overheads and material cost as well. Mainly Contract manufacturing is the main part in the pharmaceuticals field. Contract Manufacturing has main benefit of connecting two different companies with each other.

Contract Manufacturing has benefits like cost savings as the estimate becomes final and person is interested in the dealing with company. Second main benefit is mutual benefit to both sides as manufacturer and orderer both knows what is going to happen in whole manufacturing, every thing is cleared between both the parties. Third main factor is that the quality is maintained as there is everything cleare between both the parties and a bond is signed with full satisfaction to the ordering company.

Companies focus on the problem which can occur in future and creates a solutions for it. Contract manufacturing contains a mob of customers who wants to give order for the respected medicines.

Relationships means a lot in the business, we have maintained best relationship because we provides medicines at time and quantity is in control of our team lead who is best and dedicated for work. Our company gives control on all these issues. Having direct control on each issues and timely inspection makes sure our flexibility in work along with time saving for the customer. We use to manufacture the medicines on third-party as well as on loan with licence basis for our all valuable customer. We are dealing with various destination on which different companies are located like Delhi, Mumbai, Ghaziabad, Bengaluru, Meerut, Vadodra, Punjab, Indore, Kolkata, Ahemedabad, Chandigarh as well as in the US with Pantheryx Medicals Pvt. Ltd. We have enlarged our network and customers by the year passed and today we are dealing with the most popular companies of the country. In Delhi we deal with the Bharat Mata Foundation which helps people in getting quality medicines at an affordable cost. This continued practice and dedication has helped us to become one of the best manufacturers in the india.