Social Activities:
We, the team of PharmaSynth intend to make our every effort count to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities. From affordable pricing of our branded generics to strengthening of medicines distribution infrastructure in rural areas and patient awareness, we have distinctly exhibited our ability to make a significant difference in improving the health status of our fellow citizens.
We feel obliged towards our nation and hope to give back to the society with our mission of accessible healthcare and economic development that supports natural resources and environment for the generations to come.
We believe we have the passion besides fruitful strategic thinking to facilitate substantial social change. We aim to not merely create values but also to pass on the values with our social activities.
Our exemplary efforts have even bestowed us with well-deserved recognition in the form of prestigious awards and certificates. The awards and certificates made us even more zealous in working towards our vision of serving our nation in particular and humanity as a whole.
Industry visit for students:
PharmaSynth regards its employees as the biggest asset of the establishment and hence, believes in nurturing students who may aspire to be a part of the Pharmaceutical industry. To motivate and guide future generations with respect to the Pharmaceutical industry, we conduct industry visits for students pursuing Pharmaceutical sciences. Students are toured through the different departments like manufacturing, quality control, quality assurance, labeling & packaging, research & development, etc. They get to watch processes such as granulation, tablet compression, formulation carried out on a large scale. The staff actively engages in explaining the students on the internal working of the company. Besides, the industry visits from students, our employees make visitations to Pharmacy colleges to deliver lectures on the latest trends in the pharmaceutical industry.
Awareness programs:
PharmaSynth actively associates with government initiated plans and participates in awareness programs of cleanliness and hygiene. We volunteer in campaigns such as “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” which have been initiated by the government to curb and fight against female infanticide. The campaign of “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” is not only a fight against female infanticide but also to empower the girl child and honor her with equal human rights.
To inculcate the feeling of patriotism among children, PharmaSynth has even organized art contests like “Chitra Pehchano Pratiyogita”. With contests like “Chitra Pehchano Pratiyogita”, we promote art, culture and important information about our heroes who invested not only their heart and soul but also their life in the freedom struggle. We consistently organize programs like “Rashtriyata Jagran Abhiyan” to caution and educate our fellow citizens against prevalent social evils.
Another campaign widely promoted by our team is the “Quit smoking” initiative. We educate and spread knowledge on the deteriorating effects of smoking on health as well as on the available de-addiction treatments. Over the years people from rural areas who are mostly unaware of the de-addiction treatments have immensely benefitted from our efforts.
Service to our nation can be done in several ways, from accomplishing our corporate responsibilities, promoting sustainable economic development to being an essential part of social reforms. PharmaSynth has always been and will continue to be an integral part of initiating and implementing social reforms.