A broader look at the operations carried out at the manufacturing unit of PharmaSynth
PharmaSynth manufactures various types of dosage forms, mainly Tablets, Capsules, Beta-Lactum, Oral Liquid, Oral Powder, Dry Syrup, Ointments, Creams, Lotions, Ear & Nasal Drops, Enema, Cosmetics, etc.
To begin with the widely used solid dosage form i.e., Tablets. Depending upon the formulation of a tablet, it can be directly swallowed with water or chewed before swallowing or dispersed in water before administration or retained in the oral cavity where the active part of the tablet is liberated.
Modified release formulations of tablet such as enteric coated and sustained release ensure fewer side effects and longer duration of effect of the medicine.
Capsule formulation is another oral dosage form for medicines which have a bitter taste, unpleasant odor or in liquid forms such as nutraceuticals, or those in paste form or suspension form. The shell of the capsule is made of gelatin making it easy to swallow.
The other solid oral dosage forms manufactured at PharmaSynth are sachets, granules, and powders.
In oral liquid dosage forms, the medicine is in solution, suspension or emulsion form dispersed in a suitable liquid base. The types of oral liquid dosage forms manufactured at PharmaSynth are syrups, oral drops, oral suspension, elixirs, linctuses, and mixtures.
For most of its products, PharmaSynth formulations limited manufacture dosage forms suitable for adults as well as the dosage forms appropriate for pediatric patients.
We also manufacture the parenteral (injections, infusions) counterparts of drugs that need faster onset of action such as pain killers and antibiotics that need systemic action with greater bioavailability.
Below mentioned are a few examples of varied formulations manufactured at our firm:
Cefpodoxime, a third generation Cephalosporin is manufactured and marketed for adult’s use as dispersible tablets of different strengths namely CEFDEE-100 DT and CEFDEE-200DT and for pediatrics as Cefdee- dry syrup.
Cefixime, a third generation Cephalosporin is sold as a powder for reconstitution for intravenous or intramuscular use under the brand name CIFIGOLD Inj.-1.5
Threoclav by PharmaSynth is a combination of amoxicillin with clavulanic acid. It is formulated as tablets of 625mg for adults, dry syrup for children and also as injection for acute conditions.
Threomox-333 LB capsules contain lacto bacillus spores, a probiotic in addition to the antibiotic amoxicillin. Combination of lacto bacillus spores with an antibiotic reduces the side effects and promotes the normal gut flora within the body.
Livobion, the liver supplements sold by Pharmsynth are manufactured in capsules dosage form, syrups and also as oral drops.
The combination of an antibacterial and an antiprotozoal drug namely Ofloxacin and Ornidazole respectively is manufactured and sold under the brand names of Onova-OZ tablets and Mangogyl-OZ suspension for adults and children respectively.
Sedoril series are formulated to treat different kinds of cough and cold. For instance, Sedoril-DCP has added Dextromethorphan and is for treating dry cough in adults, Sedoril-XL for a productive cough and Sedoril-plus as a bronchodilator.
Novadee-3 by PharmaSynth is a dietary supplement of vitamin-D3 granules. Granules have better dispersion in milk/water and also patient compliance compared to tablets, therefore, we formulate and dispense vitamin D3 as sachets containing granules.
Calcila formula by PharmaSynth which is a vitamin-mineral-amino acid-containing dietary supplement essential for bone health in women is manufactured and sold as both tablets and suspension.
Redpro plus is a comprehensive hematinic formula dispensed as Redproplus capsules, Redproplus drops for kids and also as Redproplus syrup.
Speedex series by PharmaSynth offers a range of pain killers in different dosage forms and dosage strengths that can be used depending on the severity of the pain.
For instance, the Speedex gel, Speedex-spray, Speedex inhaler, Speedex balm is topical formulations containing NSAIDs for immediate relief from sprains.
Speedex-MR, Speedex-NS, and Speedex-TH+ are the tablets designed under speedex series.
The pediatric preparation under speedex series is Speedex-P oral drops for infantile colic.
Gynotab and Gynocream are the vaginal tablets and vaginal cream respectively manufactured and sold by PharmaSynth.  The products under the gyno series offer comprehensive treatment for vaginal infections.
Over the counter products:
We formulate and manufacture not only dietary supplements but also appetite stimulants such as Pharma-Cyp and digestive aids such as tonozyme syrup.
Our other OTC products include gum paints, antioxidant syrups, and probiotics in combination with multivitamins.