Speedex is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) help to treat pain and different side effects of arthritis of the joints (eg, osteoarthritis), such as inflammation, swelling, stiffness, and joint pain.
However, Speedex does not cure osteoarthritis and will help you only as long as you keep on utilizing it.

List of Speedex Product manufacturing by Pharmasynth

Pharamasynth is manufacturing a wide variety of products contains generic drugs. We are manufacturing a wide variety of Speedex products which are as follows:-

  1. Speedex-TH+
  2. Speedex-Spray
  3. Speedex-Spas
  4. Speedex-P Drop
  5. Speedex-NS
  6. Speedex-MR
  7. Speedex-Inhaler
  8. Speedex-Balm
  9. Speedex-AQ inj.
  10. Speedex Gel | Muscle & Joint Pain Reliever

Now you come to know about the above-listed products by reading a short description in the upcoming paragraphs.
Speedex-TH+ –   It is used to provide fast relief on conditions like pain, muscular spasms, and inflammation associated with musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions. Paracetamol, the pain relieving and an antipyretic segment of Speedex-TH+ indicates synergistic impact with aceclofenac present in the formulation.  
Aceclofenac has increasingly explicit activity and more noteworthy tolerability, lesser gastric ulcerogenicity contrasted with that of other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Thiocolchicoside is the midway acting muscle relaxant that has better bearableness even for long term treatments.

Speedex-TH+ contains :-

  • Paracetamol 325mg
  • Aceclofenac 100mg
  • Thiocolchicoside 4mg

Speedex-Spray  – Speedex gel for topical use includes a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), a counter-irritant, an anti-inflammatory operator and a cooling specialist that move in the direction of giving a fast pain relieving alleviation. Diclofenac is the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug present in Speedex gel. Methyl salicylate reacts as both NSAID and counters irritant.
On the other hand, linseed oil and menthol gives the anti-inflammatory and cooling impact individually. The extensive formula of Speedex gel gives immediate relief in conditions like sprains and muscle/joint pains that cause temporary immobility.

Speedex- Spray contains:-

  • Diclofenac 1.16%
  • Methyl Salicylate 10%
  • Linseed oil 3%
  • Menthol 5%

Speedex-Spas – Speedex-Spas, a formulation planned to give relief from spasm and related associated pain with smooth muscles of the body. It is a blended item having dicyclomine and mefenamic corrosive that function as against uncontrollable and anti-inflammatory individually.

Speedex-Spas contains:-

  • Dicyclomine                     10mg
  • Mefenamic acid              250mg

Speedex-P Drop – Speedex-P oral drops figured for newborn children is to give help from spasm of the gastrointestinal tract and furthermore it facilitates the gas dispersion without any constipation. It gives the newborn child symptomatic help from gripping pain and colic.

Speedex-P Drop contains:-

  • Dicyclomine HCL USP             10mg
  • Simethicone USP                     40mg

Speedex-NS – Speedex-NS tablets are defined with medications that potentiate the action of one another in giving faster relief from pain, inflammation, because of some other fiery conditions.

Speedex-NS tablet contains:-

  • Diclofenac potassium      50mg
  • Paracetamol                325mg
  • Serratiopeptidisae       10mg

Speedex-MR – Speedex-MR is a modified release formulation complexing three analgesics and a stomach settling agent with β-cyclodextrins that provides high efficacy in pain relief with minimum side effects.
With the β-cyclodextrins added in Speedex-MR, it upgrades bioavailability of the medications and furthermore decreases the irritancy of the gastric mucosa that happens with the utilization of analgesics.

Speedex-MR contains:-

  • Paracetamol                                                            325mg
  • Chloraxozone                                                          250mg
  • Diclofenac potassium                                               50mg
  • Magnesium trisilicate                                              150 mg

Speedex-Inhaler – Speedex Inhaler formulated with menthol, camphor, turpentine oil, and eucalyptus oil soothes nasal congestion related to seasonal allergies, cold and other upper respiratory tract diseases.

Speedex-Inhaler contains:-

  • Menthol                 40%w/w
  • Camphor               40%w/w
  • Turpentine oil        3%w/w
  • Eucalyptus oil        2%w/w

Speedex-Balm – Speedex-ointment is an ideally balanced non-greasing, a non-staining mix of intense elements for giving help from migraine, cough, stuffy and runny nose side effects related from the cold and flu.
Speedex-balm isn’t probably going to cause drowsiness and opposite symptoms as ordinarily observed with cough and cold arrangements.

Speedex-Balm contains:-

  • Methyl Salicylate          10%w/w
  • Menthol                        40%w/w
  • Camphor                       2%w/w
  • Turpentine oil                5%w/w
  • Eucalyptus oil               2%w/w

Speedex-AQ inj. –  Speedex-AQ injection is a diclofenac sodium injection in an aqueous base that is all around endured and with lower incidences of thrombophlebitis while contrasted with the conventional parenteral formulation of diclofenac sodium in an oil base (developed with polyethylene glycol and benzyl alcohol [PG-BA] as excipients).

Speedex-AQ inj. contains:-

  • Diclofenac sodium IP        75mg

Speedex Gel | Muscle & Joint Pain Reliever – Speedex gel for topical use contains non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), a counter-irritant, an anti-inflammatory agent and a cooling agent that move in the direction of giving a fast pain relieving alleviation. Speedex-Gel | Muscle & Joint Pain Reliever contains:-

  • Diclofenac                   1.16%
  • Methyl Salicylate         10%
  • Linseed oil                    3%
  • Menthol                         5%