Social Activities

Here in Pharmasynth formulation ltd we conduct various social activities, along with our international quality product and services.

With the vision of better future we are about to make our every step count, where it’s about our quality product or our international services and least possible rates. We are also focused on enhancement of living standards of world. As in our dedication we keep good care of moral, social and environment aware group, we are also dedicated to all the rules and regulations of our country and we will follow them by heart.

Those contributions made us reach at this level today so that now we have roots in all over India as well as other international countries.

They lead us to various prestigious awards and certificates of faith and honesty.

We didn’t stopped here, this was just our beginning, in moving ahead a step we took towards social activities as because we know somebody has to do it so why not it should start with us.

Along with our campaign with USA we are continuously active in social activities and some of them are:

Factory Visit for students:

As we all know youth are future of any country, keeping that thing in mind we take step in educating our youth in a better way, the main motive behind this activity was to let all medical student aware about the practice knowledge of pharmacy and how actually the products are manufactured, what precautions are taken care of and what meets the customer satisfaction in better way, our colleges can give them theoretical knowledge but here in Pharmasynth formulation ltd we let our youth know how this things actually works.

Along with that our team also uses to give Motivational Lectures in Pharmacy Colleges to make pharmacy student aware about what currently going on in medical stream or we can say it’s a kind of industry training that team of Pharmasynth formulation ltd provides students of pharmacy in their colleges itself.

Ganga Safai Abhiyan

As we were taught in our childhood cleanliness is next to godliness, keeping that point in mind we gave our hands with government in various cleaning campaigns, the country that is clean can lead to better health and future was our only motive this social activities were not stopped here we also gave our hands in Beti Bachao Abhiyan as India is among one of the top rapidly growing countries, we are helping our government growing the thinking of our people, to contribute our country in more better way we also organized various charities contests like Chitra Pehchano Pratiyogita for charities Rashtriyata Jagran Abhiyan to make people aware of many other concepts that were present in rural India which were harming there as well as countries moral values.

Quit Smoking

This was one of our campaign to aware our youth and to make them anti smokers. We educate them about the negative effects due to tobacco on their physical and mental health, which is rapidly distracting our youth, destroying their future and affecting country’s health rate.