Facilities are the main part of the company as people are in need of best facility and with this rule our company provides so many facilities. Our company manufactures the tablets which is essential part of treatment for the all diseases. Tablets are usually a hard coated medicine that has mixture of several ingredients in equal quantity. Tablet is a type of drug which gives at a time relieve to person. There are several types of tablets i.e. Dispersible tablets are used to mix with the water and that water is used to be drink as medicine. Dispersible tablets contain large quantity of sodium which has property of easily mixing with the water. Second type of tablet is buccal tablets and this type of drug is used to mix with the gum which absorbs the drug inside the tablet. Third one is melting tablets which are designed in such a way that when it is used to be kept in the mouth, It melts with the saliva of the mouth. And several other types of tablets available and we use to produce all of them. Next category in the field of the medicine is capsules which are made by the small particles of the various types of raw material and a fine covering is provided of different color by which it looks good in shape and size. It is a type of drug which is used when the drug does not mix into solid tablet. Capsules are useful when drug is used to mix with the oil. There is covering of gelatin is present outside the capsules. Capsule has also different types which is soft capsules as well as hard capsule. Hard capsules are the combination of the two pieces which are mixed together under the rigid shell. Capsule provides better relieve than tablet does. Our company used to manufacture all types of capsules. Oral powder is also a type of medicine which is in different flavors which can be mixed with the water and its taste is also like orange juice and it’s effective too. All types of oral power which best for your health are manufactured in our company. Oral liquid is also manufactured which is used to be taken 2-3 spoons with water, it was specially invented for the child below 5 years who were not prepared to take the tablets and capsules. Beta-lactum is also a type of medicine which is also manufactured at our company. Injectables are the type of medicines which is used to be injected in the body by applying it on the body with help of doctor and it’s known to be best treatment in the field of the medical science. Ointment as well as creams and lotions too are manufactured at the company. Some time person have eye problem or ear problem both needs drops of the liquid which is also manufactured at the company. Enema is also manufactured at the company. External powder which is also a part of the medicine is manufactured. Plus Neutracieuticals as well as cosmetics are also made at the company. All types of medicines are made under the company at fine level.