Best Benefits of Pomegranate Juice for Skin, Hair, and overall Health
Pomegranate, which is popularly called as ‘seeded apple,’ has a wide range of benefits. Medically, this fruit is full of flavonoids and antioxidants. It’s because of its properties and benefits that the fruit is being widely cultivated in several parts of the world today. Although we are already aware that this fruit has several health benefits, we are still unaware of the best benefits of pomegranate juice for skin, hair, and health. It’s time for us to learn about these. So, just keep reading…
Best Benefits for Skin:
Your skin will be called healthy not only when it appears beautiful, but also when it offers a protective layer against the potential infections. As such, your pomegranate juice with all the antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties will give you the radiant and the glowing skin. So, what an ounce of pomegranate juice will provide your skin? Let’s see here:
Healthy Skin:
As might be already aware, pomegranate is rich in vitamin E, which is an important nutrient required to maintain the skin’s health. Your one cup of pomegranate juice will give you 1.8 mg of this nutrient. In other words, it is almost 14% of the daily recommended level.
Skin Protection:
For your skin to function healthily, Zinc is important. This is the mineral that regulates the development of basal cells and assists in the healing of wounds. Also, Zinc has a role to play in protecting your skin from damages. This important Zinc is present in pomegranate and a cup of its juice will give us about 11 mg of this mineral. This is equal to almost 15% of the daily recommended intake.
Melanin Production:
Copper is a mineral that is required by us to produce melanin pigment (that gives color to the skin). This is also needed to protect our skin from sunlight. This copper is found to be present in our pomegranate and one cup of pomegranate juice will give us almost 500 mg of this mineral. This is nearly 53% of the recommended levels.
A balanced diet that is rich in pomegranate juice will do wonders in terms of anti-aging. Its juice is known to slow down the aging process. Also, it would reduce the wrinkles, as well as fine lines caused due to constant exposure to sunlight. Furthermore, the juice would help sustain the regeneration process and prevent hyperpigmentation.
Dry Skin Soothing:
In simple terms, pomegranate juice is found to be suitable for all skin types. In particular, for dry skin types, it is known to penetrate deep into the skin and provide the much-needed moisture and hydration. This way, it soothes your dry skin.
Scar Healing:
As mentioned above, pomegranate juice will help regenerate the cells in both the epidermal, as well as the dermal layers. Thus, it would facilitate the faster healing of scars. Also, it would protect your skin from sunburns and would help heal the damage caused to your skin due to sunlight exposure.
Best Benefits for Hair:
Again, this fruit contains a lot of nutrients that can benefit your hair in several ways. Let’s see them here:
Hair follicle Strengthening:
Taking pomegranate juice regularly would strengthen your hair follicles thereby, preventing hair fall. Thus, this would give your hair a healthy, as well as lustrous look.
Hair Loss Treatment:
Drinking this juice regularly will treat your hair loss too. The punicic acid that is present in this fruit would help strengthen your hair and keep it thicker and healthier. Moreover, it would enhance the blood circulation in the scalp and stimulate hair growth.
Best Benefits for Health:
As everyone is aware, the juice of pomegranate has a lot of medicinal properties. So, what are the best benefits? Check below:
The Rise in Immunity:
As mentioned earlier, the juice of pomegranate is full of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. These would be promising to raise the immune levels thus making us stronger. Thus, the body will become capable of fighting against microorganisms. It’s to be noted that this juice has the ability to control even the HIV transmission, which is the deadliest infection ever.
Healthy Pregnancy:
The vitamins and minerals that are present in pomegranate juice would help make sure a healthy pregnancy. They would help have healthy blood flow to your fetus thereby, supporting its growth. Moreover, these nutrients would help prevent premature labor.
Blood Pressure Regulation:
Taking this juice regularly will keep your blood pressure in check. It would act as a natural aspirin in the prevention of blood coagulation and the blood cells clotting. Thus, the lesions will be reduced and inflammation of blood vessels will be regulated. All these would make your blood thinner thus making it flow normally.
Heart Health:
The juice of pomegranate will make the arteries flexible and reduce the risks of atherosclerosis. It will reduce the levels of bad cholesterol or what we called as LDL and increase the levels of good cholesterol or HDL. Thus, the risks of blocks in the arteries will be decreased largely.
Cancer Prevention:
Pomegranate juice is known to eliminate the free radicals in our body. The antioxidants that are present in it would the neutralization of toxins. Also, it would induce a process in your body that would self-destruct the cancer cells. Moreover, it would block the aromatase enzyme that aids in the development of breast cancer. Thus, pomegranate juice is found to be beneficial in cancer prevention.
Blood Sugar Control:
Diabetes is a major disorder today. It can be seen that the fruit juices are increasing the blood sugar levels in general. But, pomegranate juice is quite different in this. It does not increase the blood sugar level, although it contains fructose in it. Several research studies have proved this!
Anemia is the medical condition, which is caused when the number of red blood cells decreases below the normal levels. The iron that is present in the pomegranate juice will help produce these blood cells thereby, curing this deficiency disorder.
Remember, pomegranate juice has, even more, benefits for skin, hair, and health than the aforementioned ones. We have learned only the best ones here!