Good Health is the greatest blessing that needs to be cherished and taken care of. Each and every activity that we go to is governed by our health. The quote “Health Is Not Valued Till Sickness Comes” seems to be very apt nowadays as people tend to overlook their health since they feel that they have other more important things to accomplish. But, we need to ask ourselves that, will we be able to accomplish even a mundane task if our health is not good.
A person enjoying good health can do all his or duties with a lot of enthusiasm and vigor. Also, a person in good health can achieve a better result than a person suffering from some sickness.
Everybody knows the importance of good health and what can be achieved when a person is in good health, then why so many people tend to ignore this and ignore their health.
Why we do we ignore our health?

  • The first reason is laziness. Many people find taking care of their health a very big task. For example, we know that one must not sit immediately after eating our meals, but still many of us ignore this and immediately sit or even lie down immediately after our meals. Another example, even if we have to go to a small distance, we prefer our vehicle, instead of walking. All these lazy habits deteriorate our health.
  • Another reason is defining our priorities. As there are many other important things to do like studying or making our career, we have pushed taking care of health at the last spot of our priority list.

We realize this after the damage has been done. Due to the constant stress, improper diet, and unhealthy lifestyle, health gets even more affected. Our energy level decreases, the brain gets fogged, the body becomes lethargic, eyes get affected, muscles get stiffed are some of the many problems that are face nowadays, even by the young generation.
What can be done to maintain good health?

  • EXERCISE: Daily exercise even for a few minutes can work wonder. Start by exercising little and the exercises you are comfortable with. You can always increase it according to your comfort.
  • WALKING: Walking can be a booster for body and mind. Talking a walk in a fresh way can rejuvenate us.
  • NUTRITIOUS DIET: Taking healthy food can maintain a healthy weight and can reduce the risk of other diseases.
  • STRESS-FREE LIFE: Free your mind from unnecessary anxieties and stress. This will enable you to have sound sleep and keep you healthy.

Benefits of Good Health:

  • You will be more energetic and feel livelier. Exercising stimulates a chemical known as endorphin that makes you feel good and happy.
  • If you are in good health, you may even live longer.
  • Many diseases can be avoided by taking good care of health. This will also cut down your medical bills.
  • You will tend to do all your work more efficiently with great results as you will be energetic and will have more stamina. This will even boost your confidence level.