Health Benefits of Drinking Water
As all are aware already, water is the major component of our body. A normal human body will carry about 55 to 78% water based on the size of the body. While everyone is well-aware that drinking water is essential to our human body, not everyone is drinking adequate amounts of water. Remember, drinking adequate water has lots of health benefits that you are not aware of. Also, water does not carry any fats, calories, or sugars. A point to be reiterated here is that the amount of water a person consumes in a day will play a major role in maintaining a healthy body. In this article, how drinking water will benefit you in terms of health here. So, keep reading…
Aids in Weight Loss:
If anyone looking to lose some kilograms of his/her weight, there is some good news here. Yes, drinking water would help you in weight loss. Wondering how? Well, water will naturally decrease your hunger. It has been observed that several people are found to be confusing themselves between feeling thirsty and feeling hungry. This makes them eat some food when their body just wants a drink. Remember, whenever you are dehydrated, your fat cells would become tougher to break. Therefore, if you are trying to lose pounds, it will be difficult for you to achieve that without drinking sufficient amount of water. You are advised to take at least 500 ml of water before each meal and this would make you consume fewer calories. Thus, your weight loss goal can be achieved easily by drinking water.
Treats and Prevents Headaches:
Many of you might not be aware of the fact that dehydration could trigger migraines and headaches in you. A number of clinical studies have proved that drinking sufficient amount of water can help relieve headaches in people who are dehydrated. Although this is not true with all the types of headaches, it’s worth giving a try. Therefore, even if water cannot stop an ongoing headache, regular and adequate drinking of water could prevent your headaches from occurring in the future. A clinical study has shown that though the water did not impact the frequency of headaches in the study participants, it could decrease the intensity and length of headache events to a certain extent. You are recommended not to go for the pills as soon as you get your headache. Sometimes, a glass of water could do the magic!
Fights Infections:
Again, this could be surprising for some of you. Yes, this is not a myth! Drinking water could help fight infections all over the body. This is possible not only because the water could flush out the toxins, but also if you are dehydrated, you are more likely to contract a germ. More particularly, drinking water is good for preventing urinary infections and kidney stones. According to health experts, drinking adequate water will help you with allergies and colds as water could help clear your airways. Moreover, drinking water can reduce even your cold sores because they are more likely to pop up in the areas where your skin is dry.
Relieves Constipation:
Constipation is one of the most common problems faced by people of all ages quite frequently. It is a condition, which will be marked by infrequent bowel movements, as well as difficulty passing stools. Do you know drinking water can help you with relieving constipation? Yes, several studies have shown that increasing the fluid intake can help with constipation and is often recommended as part of your treatment procedure. On the other hand, low water consumption is found to be a risk factor for contracting this symptom in both young, as well as older individuals. Therefore, drinking plenty of water can help relieve, as well as prevent constipation in you, especially if you are a person who doesn’t drink sufficient amount of water generally.
Supports the Heart:
This sub-heading should sound weird to some of you. But, it’s absolutely true! Yes, the hardest working muscle in us would need plenty of water to keep it running at the normal speed. The reason is here: Whenever your body gets dehydrated, the blood would get thicker, thereby, making it harder for your heart to work. Especially, if your heart is already weak, dehydration could lead to serious heart problems in the future. A clinical study has shown that drinking more than five glasses of water per day could reduce the likeliness of getting a heart attack by at least 40% when compared to the individuals who consumed less than two glasses of water in a day.
Affects your Brain Functions and Energy Levels:
You should understand that your brain and its functionality are very much influenced by the hydration status of your body. Several scientific studies have shown that even a little dehydration could affect several aspects of your brain function. Remember, fluid loss (as low as 1.36%) after physical exercise sessions could impair your mood, as well as concentration. As mentioned earlier, this could increase the frequency of headache events. Also, fluid loss (as low as 1.59%) could impair your memory and would increase the feelings of fatigue and anxiety. Several other studies have shown that even mild dehydration could affect the individual’s mood, memory, as well as brain function in both children and older adults. Therefore, adequate water consumption is important to maintain your brain function and energy levels.
Clears the Skin:
Most people will be aware that drinking water could be good for their skin. But, many of them might not be aware that adequate water consumption could gift them with clear and acne-free skin. While this is the case with oily skin, if you have got dry skin, water could give you the needed moisture. Also, as water has the ability to flush the toxins out from the body, your skin will be cleared off from any bacteria or dirt. Moreover, water could reduce wrinkles from your skin. A study has shown that women who consumed more than 1.5 liters of water in a day saw a decrease in their wrinkles after six weeks.
So, aren’t you sure about drinking enough water? All you have to do is to just measure how much you consume for a few days to check if you are anywhere near the minimum requirement. Adjust the amounts if you are falling short. Make it a practice to drink adequate amounts. This way you can enjoy all the above mentioned health benefits of drinking water. So, start it today!