Regular exercise can help prevent heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol
The human body today has evolved from its nomadic ancestors who were habituated to find shelter and food after lot of travelling or efforts. Our body still needs that physical fatigue to function efficiently. Modern technologies have made our lives quite simple. Whatever tiredness we feel is related to mental but not physical. We need that physical fatigue for proper functioning of our bodies.
Exercise acts as a savior in this regard. It doesn’t have to be very vigorous unless you want to build a muscular physic. For a healthy body, a regular walk for 30 minutes will be enough. Adding simple exercise in daily routines, like walking to the metro instead of a taxi, taking stairs instead of the elevator and having a balanced diet will help have a healthy body.
Benefits of Exercise
1. Increased level of energy
Cardiovascular system provides oxygen and nutrients to the muscles in our bodies. Exercise increases the efficiency and strength of this cardio vascular system. With more oxygenation of muscles, you start having more energy than usual.
2. Improved muscle strength
Muscles, joint, tendons and ligaments wear off with age. They lose their flexibility and thus staying active becomes difficult. However, these issues can be avoided by practicing exercise on a regular basis. Strengthened ligaments and muscles keep the joints aligned and thus reduce the risk of lower back and joint pain.
3. Reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes
Blood sugar levels are balanced with regular exercise, thus helping in preventing the type 2 diabetes. Moreover, obesity keeps at bay with regular exercise, which is one of the primary factors for type 2 diabetes. With a balanced diet intake and regular exercise, this disease can be delayed or prevented completely for a long time.
4. Maintaining a healthy weight
It is a known fact that exercise helps burn calories. It helps you develop more muscles which in turn provides higher metabolic rates. This will help you burn calories even when you are not exercising. As a result, you lose weight and physically look better, thus increasing your confidence.
5. Having a healthy heart
LDL cholesterol is bad for health while HDL cholesterol is good. Exercise helps you maintain correct cholesterol levels in the body with reduced blood pressure. This lowers the stress on your heart. Heart muscles are also strengthened by exercise. Thus the risk of coronary heart disease is lowered.
6. Improved brain functions
Blood flow and oxygen supplied to the brain are increased through exercise. Exercise stimulates the brain to release hormones whose job is to help in production of hippocampus cells. It is the part of the brain that helps in learning and memorize things. Thus cognitive ability is boosted and concentration is increased. Therefore, the risk of cognitive degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s is lowered.