National Doctor’s Day 2018

“Mother gives birth, while Doctor saves a life” — Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India
Undeniably, the medical profession is one of the most respected professions in the world. Although effective healthcare delivery is depending upon the combined efforts of all the medical professionals, such as nurses, doctors are the leaders of the healthcare term. In India, if we look at the medical care infrastructure, we can understand that there is an acute shortage of doctors, more particularly, in the rural zones. So, the effective utilization of available doctors is the current need of our nation. We, the common people do not get a good occasion to show our appreciation and love for our country’s doctors. So, let’s take our time to do this noble thing during this year’s National Doctor’s Day, which falls on the first of July 2018.
From where did it all start?
Not only in India but also in all the other countries, Doctors’ Day is being celebrated in appreciation of the contribution of these medical professionals to the respective countries. It’s just that the dates differ from one country to another. In the Indian context, there is a reason why Doctor’s Day is being celebrated on 1stof July every year.
It’s true that our country has produced several eminent doctors at different time periods. Our Doctors due tell the fact that “Medical profession is not a business, it’s a service to humanity”. One such noble soul is the 2ndCM of West Bengal state, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy – otherwise known as B.C. Roy. Our National Doctor’s Day is being celebrated in the remembrance of him on his birthday cum death anniversary, which falls on 1stof July.
This event was first started in the year 1991 as a tribute to B.C. Roy and is continuing till today.
What is the primary objective of celebrating National Doctor’s Day?
The primary objective of celebrating National Doctor’s Day is to ensure that our nation’s doctors are getting their respect and love for all the noble work they do to save thousands and thousands of lives every year. During the past few decades, our country has witnessed tremendous progress in the medicinal field. There won’t be any good time than the National Doctor’s Day to show our appreciation to the doctors who are taking care of our lives. Not just this, but another purpose of celebrating this event is to help the common people of India to understand the significance of doctors and their services to our country and to educate people to express gratitude to their respective doctors.
No one can deny the fact that a huge crowd of the country is depending in several ways on the doctors’ services and their treatments. This annual celebration is proving that how much our life is dependent on our Doctors, and is a great way of motivation and an eye-opener for all the public at large in regards to the commitment our Doctors have towards the profession.
Celebrating National Doctor’s Day:
The National Doctor’s Day is observed every year by various governmental, as well as non-governmental healthcare organizations for making the common people know the contributions of our nation’s doctors. People working in these organizations conduct various events and activities for celebrating the National Doctor’s Day.
Some examples of those events are as follows:

  • Patients from all over the country will meet their respective doctors with greeting cards. This is a small way of showing our love to our doctors, which will make them feel happy.
  • Sometimes, people will go the extra mile and visit their doctors with flowers and bouquets.
  • All over the nation, various meetings will be organized to appreciate and recognize the best performing doctors. Events like this will help enhance their overall efficiency and performance.
  • Free medical check-ups will be organized at various health centers of the country to promote quality healthcare services.
  • Various discussion programs will be organized to talk about the different aspects of the healthcare sector.
  • Various healthcare-related activities will be arranged in schools and colleges to promote healthcare among the students.

How can you take part in this year’s National Doctor’s Day?
There are a few things that you can do to take part in this year’s National Doctor’s Day campaign. See what those are below:

  • Effectively use your internet to spread the word on 1stof July by posting about the campaign on your social media walls. This will help the people on your friends’ list to know about this event.
  • Extend your appreciation to your doctor by sending him gifts during this day. Remember, even a small sign of gesture will help boost your doctor’s motivation.
  • Plan a visit to a school in your neighborhood and educate the students about the significance of doctors to our nation. This will help encourage the thoughts of those students who want to become a doctor in the future.
  • An indirect way to show your appreciation to your doctor is to ensure that you are always respecting your doctor’s advice and abiding by it.

Final Thoughts:
Indian Doctors are very well known for their sense of responsibility and friendly approach and we should not lose a single moment to appreciate them. But, there is another thing that needs to be brought into light during this year’s National Doctor’s Day – that is the problems faced by doctors. Yes, our nation’s doctors face a certain set of problems, such as:

  • Low budget allocation by our government
  • A constant fear of assaults
  • Quackery
  • Poor infrastructure

We, as the responsible citizens of India, should understand that if we really want to enhance the quality of healthcare in the country, we have to start with ourselves. Whenever you visit your doctor, don’t forget to thank him/her for the services they render.
On this note, here, I’d like to end this blog post by thanking the doctors whoever has treated me so far. It’s because of those kind hearts, I am here today! Thank You, Doctor!

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